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Tekken 7 will add many new character to the fighting roster. Some have already been announced, some will be announced in the near future. Director of the game, Katsuhiro Harada, hinted on twitter that one of the new entries, Lucky Chloe, could be available only in the European and Asian versions of the game. 

Lucky Chloe is a living, moving and fighting big reference to japanese pop-culture and I love every word of that sentence. Tekken is historically a game that takes itself seriously, but it’s not short of peculiar and over the top characters like fighting bears or kangaroos, extremely agile obese men or mexican wrestlers. In a so diverse roster, there is definitely space for a fighter like Chloe. That’s why many american fans of the franchise are not happy with this decision.

At the same time, some other people don’t find that Lucky Chloe would be a valid addition to the game. Of course when you play a fighting game with a huge selection of possible characters like Tekken, you could just pick someone else to fight. But for some people the simple fact that a character they dislike is present is unbearable, arriving to ask Harada to add an option in game to make impossible to meet unwanted characters in arcade mode.

Tekken 7 Harada

Chloe could not see the light in the USA then. Does that mean that there would be another character exclusive to that region to replace her? Apparently that could be the case. When asked by a fan, Harada stated on twitter that they’re gonna release another character hinting to “Looks well-muscled, Skin-head, Very powerful attack”.

Tekken 7 Harada


In any way, more characters are to be announced for Tekken 7. If this rumor turns out to be confirmed, it’s legit to expect some of them to be region exclusive as well.

DISCLAIMER: Some people around the internet claimed that Harada’s decision to not include Lucky Chloe in the american version of Tekken 7, was caused by a thread on the bulletin board NeoGaf where the users were complaining about the looks of the characters plus some tweets to him carrying the same sentiment. Right at this moment, we have no official word from Harada if that’s the case. From what we know, Chloe is was a region exclusive character since her conception. We at TechRaptor don’t feel like making this allegation. We have, anyway, reached to Harada via twitter for clarifications on this point. Should there be news, we’ll update the article accordingly.

Tekken 7 Harada

What you think about Lucky Chloe? Are you ok with her not being available in the USA in exchange of another character? Let us know in the comments


EDIT: After readers’ feedback, we decided to mark the piece as “rumor” while waiting for any confirmation from the developers or any response from Harada and I edited the piece to reflect that. It should have been the case in the first place and I apologize profusely for my mistake.

UPDATE: Harada didn’t release an official statement yet, but from more tweets he published, it seems very possible that the character will not actually be present in the american version of the game.

We reached to Bandai Namco for any official statement on the matter and we’ll keep you updated.

UPDATE 2: We received word from Bandai Namco. The response itself doesn’t clear the situation much, but we thank them nonetheless. The mail doesn’t go into the matter itself because, as they state, “I can’t speak for Harada-san regarding his plans for Europe and Asia”. It’s more a bit of additional information to give new possible reading to Harada’s tweets. You can find the full mail following:

Hey Rutledge,This is Denny Chiu at Bandai Namco, I work with Grace and can step in to help you hereJI can’t speak for Harada-san regarding his plans for Europe and Asia but I think there are a couple of things that we have to consider regarding his recent tweets.

1: Harada-san should be speaking specifically about Tekken 7 arcade which to my knowledge is currently slated for Japan release only so in essence Lucky Chloe is “exclusive” to Japanese arcades. I bring this up because…

2: I’m not sure if our colleagues at the Bandai Namco Amusement America division (which handles our arcade business) have announced anything regarding Tekken 7 cabinets coming to the states yet.

Let me know if that clears things up a bit. Thanks!


To us, it seems unlikely that Harada was referring to the cabinet version of the game since it was never announced to be shipped outside of Japan anyway (as it often happens with arcade cabinets).

We reached to Bandai Namco again in hope to receive more information specifically for the console version of the game. Should new info arise, we’ll update you

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  • Rocky LaRouge

    …But why D:

  • Raiiban

    I don’t even play Tekken and this angers me. I understand that different regions sometimes have different tastes in styles and genres, but a fighting game like Tekken? That’s about as eastern as you get, and most of the fanbase that I know loves it.

    Removing options/characters from a game to conform to some marketing stereotype of a region is bad news for everyone. It’s very close minded and an opportunity to learn about another culture is lost.

  • big guy

    i wonder if this would have any affect on the pro scene. are there any other incidents of regional locked or banned characters in AAA fighting games?

  • Unbeliever

    When devs from certain countries get flak from being true to their culture and forced to adhere to customs of others and different countries…. Well… It isnt that strange that they will region block certain content.
    It’s also one of the reasons that many games stay in Japan.

  • BeholdMyPower

    Personally, I think that clarification should have been received from Harada/Bamco before putting out this article. It’s much more likely his ‘announcement’ was more along the lines of sarcastically spiting the Neogaf thread whining about LC. Making the character region exclusive screws over the competitive Tekken scene and Harada is very invested in the fighting game community.

  • logan_mac

    It’s really hard to tell, at first we thought Harada was fucking with them, but then he seemed serious (there’s still doubt if he was joking), and in either case we don’t know if these specifc complaints got the character to be deleted from the west, or it was already supposed to be out. His language barrier made it more difficult to understand if he was being sarcastic

  • BeholdMyPower

    Yes, for instance Kratos is an exclusive guest character to the PS3 version of MK9. Since Xbox players don’t have an opportunity to learn/practice against the character, he’s banned from tournament play. Everyone needs to be playing the same version of the game.

    If LC really is regionally exclusive, she’ll be banned from, at the very least, all major NA tournaments, meaning an international player who primarily uses LC either can’t enter american tournaments or is forced to pick up a secondary character.

  • Dehydration

    I hope he’s joking. If not, tweet to Harada, guys. #DoItForChloe

  • ColaFlavourChewits

    That was exactly my thought. “Well-muscled. Skinhead” sounds like he’s taking the piss that these guys are complaining about an original female character by offering the “generic soldier” character instead.

  • Uranus

    I’m a fan of the design. Will definitely play as her, should I ever buy the game. The benefits of being European.

    I’ll have to side with them as well – this is a slap in the face for Americans, but when you have sites like Polygon, Kotaku, NeoGaf – all American sites – taking a shit on sexy female characters, you can’t really blame devs for deciding to exclude them. Yes – stinks for the consumers, and I wish it wasn’t like this, however, somebody must take a stance and show them that what they’re advocating isn’t more and better games – it is less and mutilated games.

    It is the ultimate form of self-respect. You don’t like my culture? I’m not letting you shit on it, you just don’t get to enjoy it. It’s a fuck you to American games media’s prudishness and disrespect for all of the world’s culture and it is about time it happened. There hasn’t been one major Japanese game released in the US that featured a sexy woman that the media didn’t wipe its ass with.

    And even if it is a joke, it’s a joke that takes balls and I respect that.

  • Cap’n Catpants

    Yeah, at a glance it’s easy to take Harada’s words seriously, especially what with all the rage, censorship and careful tiptoeing that constantly happens in the West

    Excessive localization to appease or appeal to Western audiences is nothing new. Remember when Final Fight SNES changed the female enemies into guys? Sadly, the West doesn’t seem to have progressed much since those times.

    I don’t really like that Lucky Chloe character, but I don’t think they ought
    to be removed or vastly changed. Hopefully Harada is only joking, and to be
    honest, his responses are quite hilarious in that context.

  • Reptile

    I lolled hard at this statement, Now I’m a big fan of Harada.

  • Reptile

    It is a joke, obviously, I hope he to prolong the joke and put this new character as playable one just to complement the joke.

  • Jess

    How silly. Good job making yourselves look completely unreasonable, America.

    Heihachi isn’t a particular favourite of mine, but you don’t see me having a tantrum to erase him from my view. I’ll deliberately play as Lucky Chloe purely to rustle some jimmies now.

  • I’m going to assume he’s serious:

    I think it’s a shame she won’t be in the US release, but I completely understand where they’re coming from with this. The only attitude that games with “sexy” characters have recieved lately is “they’re sexists, they’re misogynists, they’re promoting rape culture.” Nobody wants to be associated with that, and if that’s the response they’re getting from the American culture, maybe it’s better to try to cater to them with something they seem to enjoy, e.g male meaty beefcake characters.

    I hope they don’t add too many new characters. Tekken has a very wide range of playable characters, and adding more to the mix seems risky. I’d prefer they brought some old and some one-off characters back like Ancient Ogre, Jinpachi, Kunimitsu or Gon.

  • SevTheBear

    Well I guess since it’s been a while I played a Tekken game I will take T7 and post all that evil sexist stuff on youtube 😛

  • mrwizeass

    Last I checked, Sony stopped region locking their consoles. So if Harada is serious, (which I doubt he is,) Just import the European version.

  • CM Dubya

    That last one though….ha!

    I really hope that he ends up convincing whoever needs to be convinced to just slap her right on the American cover of Tekken 7 just to piss people off xD

    I think in the end though he’s gonna listen to the people (with, ya know, the money) and end up including Lucky Chloe in the American release. It just makes the most business sense; why on Earth would you listen to one little Internet forum over the MILLIONS that love your franchise and the thousands that are looking forward to that specific character.

  • Wannabe_Baby

    I’m in Europe and we’re familiar with having games censored (South Park: The Stick Of Truth, for example. Rule Of Rose didn’t get a release here either). I sympathise with Americans who aren’t getting Lucky Chloe as a character. 🙁

    Having said that, comments like Uranus’ are completely right. I don’t get why people complained. I saw comments on her announcement video on Youtube and it reeked of cultural insensitivity. Game journalists have made it a stigma to create attractive female characters. The lesson here; take what you’re given and be grateful. Stop being so entitled.

  • dsadsada

    Bunch of babies. It’s just a character. If you hate it so much, just take joy in beating it up.

    ….well, it’s not like I play fighting games to begin with so my opinion is fairly moot.

  • dsadsada

    And for that, people like me who enjoy those kinds of things for whatever reason suffer.

  • dsadsada

    I hope that stops being the norm. Adhering to baseless accusations such as those for something like this will only serve to reinforce the beliefs of the people making the claims and that’s disgusting. I’m only talking about your first point just to be clear.

  • Ben Jeanotte

    I’m sure he’s joking, but I kinda want him to remove her from the USA release, the backlash against Social Justice Warrior pandering would be pretty entertaining.

  • Mr. LHD6

    I am going to go out on a limb and say he is joking. Him describing the character for NA as a “skin-head” is probably a quip to the neogaf and twitter people who were bitching about the character- with him calling them white supremacists that view other cultures as inferior. I hope that is the case at least, because that would be pretty damn funny.

  • GuitarAnthony

    I smell DLC character after they saw the flare up about it.

  • Mark Samenfink

    Where were you when the sexually repressed let the sexually oppressive pressure a redaction of a sexually suggestive character?

    Thanks Crit Theory.

  • Richard Drakos

    I’m going to just assume he was joking, but at the same time noting how Japanese games are received in the west. This wouldn’t be the first time that Japanese games are dumped on by the likes of Kotaku, Polygon and Neogaf. I’ve seen what this Chloe character looks like, and it’s hardly offensive. She’s hyper cute and very moe in her design, but so what? It still mystifies me that Japanese games seemed to get judged soley on how “Japanesey” and less on actual gameplay. I could rant about this subject for hours, so I’ll leave it at that lol

  • Kelly Maxwell

    “Neo-Gaf, Voice for the Western Gamer’
    ok.. look, i got a lot of flak on twitter for the last two days over this.. i want you people to take a good long god damn look at what this is. This is their next plan of attack. You get a REAL FUCKING GOOD LOOK. and tell me again i’m jumping the god damn gun.

  • stryk

    Surprised that NeoGAF would get so butthurt over a “Japanese-y” character when they idolize Sony, a Japanese corporation, so much. Seems like America just can’t have nice things. First they come for my voluptuous women and now they’re going after my catgirls.

    I want to get off this ride. The seats are extremely uncomfortable.

  • Pablo Hernández

    Ugh, I’ll have to buy the more expensive Japanese version then. I don’t want less characters in my game.
    Thanks America.

  • JARose

    I don’t need Lucky Chloe? Well I guess Harada doesn’t need my money does he?