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Loot Crate, purveyors of the finest inflatable crowns, has announced a new monthly subscription box focused on gaming at their Pax South panel as reported by Gamespot.

According to Loot Crate CEO Matthew Arevalo, they will be working closely with developers and publishers in order to secure exclusive items for the monthly subscription service. The flagship monthly line will still contain gaming-themed items, but the Loot Gaming Crate will have items exclusive to that series.

Loot Crate’s most recent gaming-centric endeavor was November’s box that was themed around Fallout 4. They had had been working out the details of the box’s contents with Bethesda before Fallout 4 was announced which suggests a five to six month lead time in planning the monthly boxes. (You can see an unboxing of November 2015’s Fallout 4 themed box as done by the positively lovable boogie2988 here:

This isn’t Loot Crate’s first specialized crate series. The company launched an Anime-themed monthly crate series at the end of 2015.

Loot Crate was founded in 2012 by entrepreneurs who were inspired by the experiences they had at conventions such as PAX and Comic-Con. Loot Crate ships out a box of mystery items to over 400,000 subscribers every month, and – as evidenced by the above videos- there exists a niche market for “unboxing” videos that explore the crate’s contents and critque them.

If you’re interested in Loot Gaming Crate, you can sign up for e-mail updates over at their website for now. Loot Gaming Crate will cost $25 a month plus shipping & handling. It will follow a similar pricing model as Loot Anime where you can get a discount by paying for several months worth of crates in advance.

Do you subscribe to Loot Crate or some other monthly “bunch of tat in a box” services? Do you feel a gaming-centered crate would be a worthwhile expenditure? Will you be signing up for Loot Gaming Crate? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • I’d be interested…

    If not for the fact that my tastes in games mean that I’d wind up with about 99% crap I have no interest in.

    Now if only they were offering a “Loot Off-Roaders Crate” that was dedicated to all things off-road… Then they’d have my attention.

  • For $25, I will throw some dirt and a tire tread in a box and mail it to you.

  • LOL, but no thanks.

  • $20, final offer. And I’ll toss in some faux fir and ketchup to simulate roadkill. 😀

  • Okay, no, now I wouldn’t take that for any price.

    However, leaves, branches, those kinds of things? Maybe even a bit of gravel. That would be more like it…

    Aside from the fact that it’s all still useless to me.

    If you want me to make a serious offer on something, actually make it worth my while: replicas and reproductions of uniforms worn by famous off-road racers(like Robby Gordon, or the late Colin McRae), die-cast scale replicas of off-road racing vehicles(Subaru Impreza WRX STi, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, any kind of dune buggy), things of that nature.

  • haha, dude, I’m so broke I can’t even afford to look at a LanEvo, much less buy a replica. ;_;