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Let’s Play-Far Cry 3

Patrick Webb / February 16, 2014 at 4:06 AM / Gaming, Videos

We are starting a new video series called Let’s Play. In our first upload we play around with Far Cry 3. This game has won numerous awards, and stands as a true open world FPS. It is revered for its’ amazing gameplay, gorgeous graphics, and stellar crafting system.

In our play-through we are about 5-6 hours into the game. We start by wondering around a little and end up taking out some dingos and a camp of baddie pirates along the way. Let us know if you enjoyed this game.

Enjoy Let’s Play- Far Cry 3:


Patrick Webb

Has a strong affinity for everything fantasy related. Plays Indie, RPGs, and shooters. Favorite games are the Witcher 2, Diablo, Journey, GW2, and Hotline Miami. Oh, and I'm Batman!!

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