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Recently, Kotaku came under controversy again when an article appeared on the site which was translated almost directly from the work of French, Youtuber, Corentin Lamy.

The article which was written by Nathan Grayson back in July and discussed characters from Elder Scrolls, was originally written by Lamy, in French, and later translated, almost word for word, by a reddit user, and turned into an imgur. Despite being bilingual, Lamy was not aware of this translation, and had not been credited in the imgur.

Grayson wrote his article heavily copying and borrowing from the imgur, and credited the imgur user in the article. However, as the imgur had no mention of Lamy, the original writer, he was not credited.

Readers became aware of the situation when yesterday Lamy tweeted  “Ce moment gênant où tu t’aperçois qu’un mec a traduit mot pour mot un de tes articles et qu’il est repris sur @Kotaku” which roughly translates to “That awkward moment when your article is translated word for word and posted to @Kotaku” followed by a link to the article.

Once Stephen Totilo, Kotaku’s Editor in Chief, was made aware of the situation he updated the article.

“The English-language Imgur post cited in this article is primarily based on a 2013 article by French writer Corentin Lamy. The Imgur post included numerous thanks to other people but no credit to the original French article, which we were unaware of until today. We recommend you check out the original French article (you might need to use Google translate!) and regret not being aware of it sooner. The Imgur post does include a small number of extra entries not in the original French piece. Sorry about that, Corentin! – Stephen Totilo, EiC”

Lamy reached out to the creator of the imgur who has since apologised and credited Lamy with his work. Lamy has regretted creating an outcry against Kotaku for this mistake, as he felt there was no way Grayson would have known of the plagiarism simply by reading the imgur.

While most people are pleased with this update, critics are still disappointed at the state of gaming journalism. While Grayson was not aware of the plagiarism, he did write a whole article based on a single imgur, without much research as to the source. This discovery comes at a time when readers are looking for better written, researched and simply higher quality journalism from gaming media.

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