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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain launches tomorrow and is highly anticipated by many as one of the biggest games of the fall. This is astonishing considering Konami’s current stance on gaming, with gambling quickly becoming their main focus along with a vested interest in mobile titles. Perhaps this is why Konami is acting like The Patriots, controlling and censoring information with an iron fist and a cold heart. Everyone following games have been inundated with news about Konami concerning The Phantom Pain, and there were just enough bits to add onto the pile today to make summarizing the entire ordeal make some sense.

We began in March of this year, where we heard the first signs of trouble from Konami in the form of Hideo Kojima’s sudden silence on social media. It was clear that he and the company would be parting ways in short order when Konami decided to remove his name from Metal Gear Solid titles wherever they could, including the final box art of The Phantom Pain. This also explained the sudden cancellation of Silent Hills the previous month. In response to the controversy at the time, Konami confirmed that Kojima would be leaving, and then in the next sentence attempted to put out feelers for developers who would be willing to come in and develop the next game in the Metal Gear franchise. One that would be without its guiding voice and no doubt riddled with modern AAA business practices. But more on those later.


There was some good news to be had in August when The Phantom Pain‘s PC release was pushed up to match the date that console gamers would get to enjoy the game. Little did we know at the time that this move meant that programmers would go without vacation in order to get the game out on time. Just a few days later, there were several leaks from inside the company that revealed harsh working conditions for the company’s employees, particularly in the case of Kojima Productions in the later days of MGSV development.

Fast forward a bit and we come to the last few weeks, where several outlets have released glowing praise for the game. These reviews were composed from playtime at a “boot camp” review event that GamesRadar went into detail about in their efforts to explain why they couldn’t give a score to the game despite their extensive time with it. This also revealed that the game would have microtransactions in its online portion, something that wasn’t available to these reviewers. This brings us to the last few days.

For those who still wish to purchase physical games on PC, Konami hears your pleas but refuses to acknowledge them. Instead, they put out a retail release of the game that includes an 8MB Steam installer on disc and absolutely nothing else. Not only does this mean that Metal Gear is basically digital only on PC, which could become a preservation problem down the line, but it means that retail customers have to get online right behind digital customers to download the game on release.

Other AAA titles, like Metal Gear‘s scrappy opponent on Tuesday Mad Max, allow gamers to pre-load game on Steam to ease server traffic and allow those with slower speeds to get at the game as soon as possible. Konami decided instead that all their customers should attempt to dogpile onto Steam at once. Fingers crossed that the servers don’t explode in the mean time! It’s fine though, because while you wait for the game to install, I’m sure Konami would love if you perused the microtransactions they have prepared for you.

Metal Gear Solid Microtransactions

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you. That is an $80 bundle of in-game currency to be used expanding your Mother Base in the game. Konami has been unclear if these coins will also be available in game, with some sources such as that tweet stating that MB coins can be earned in game. However, community manager Robert Peeler mentioned in an interview that there were two currencies, and MB coins to expand your base and increase item production could only be procured through expending real life funds. In any case, even if you were impatient enough to spend more than the price of the game itself on coins, you’d better hope you can also earn them in game if you want to unlock everything, because $80 is not enough to do it. Not even close.

Metal Gear Solid Mother Base Coins

To be realistic, it is highly likely that no one player will ever need all this extra content. There is confirmation that the initial FOB platform will not cost anything. That doesn’t subtract from the fact that it is an enormous price to put on a complete experience that some will feel they need. It adds a burden to an otherwise pleasant pastime that isn’t necessary in the slightest, even for players who solely want to focus on the single player campaign.

Fans of Metal Gear have had it hard enough these past few weeks. There have been exclusive Let’s Play videos that force dedicated fans to decide whether they want to see more of the game and possibly ruin their initial experience with familiarity. There have been rampant spoilers across the Internet for days now, making each comments section and social media site a minefield. Even some of the biggest fans of the game were in trouble this week, as the ones who bought the collector’s edition on PS4 opened their packages to find missing DLC codes, later learning that they had to go through an arcane process to redeem the content that they paid for. All this isn’t helped by Konami, a company that seems to be reveling in their own fall from grace.

All this weirdness and controversy, and Metal Gear Solid V will undoubtedly still be an amazing experience that we will all remember for years to come. Perhaps not only as a great game, but also as a eulogy for Konami as a AAA publisher and as a reminder of their past greatness.

Oh, and they misspelled the admittedly uncommon word “molybdenum” on the collector’s edition MGS PS4. Because of course they did.

Will you be accompanying Big Boss on the final true Metal Gear adventure tomorrow? Will you indulge in buying obscene amount of coins to fund Konami’s future Metal Gear efforts? Or will you just continue to mourn the death of P.T.? Answer these questions in the comments la le lu le below!

UPDATE: Added an additional source about microtransactions in the game thanks to Reptile in the comments! Also added an additional bit about collector’s edition DLC woes thanks to @RingJ5 on Twitter!

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  • Cody

    So a new FOB is actually like 20 dollars. Great.

  • Kev Lew

    waiting on the trustworthy PC reviewers, shame it is unlikely to go on GoG etc I get the feeling a DRM free install at your convenience version could be very handy in 6-12 months if PT anything to go by.

  • Makes me wonder why I even bothered filling out that Konami survey several weeks ago. They’ll just kill what I love and mail the corpse to my mother.

  • mrwizeass

    Well, if you’re gonna go out, may as well go out in huge, roaring flames.

  • John Quilty

    It’s an awesome series and well worth getting into. If you have a PS3, the MGS Legacy Collection is the place to start.

  • John Quilty

    I wouldn’t be too worried about the PC port…Ground Zeroes is excellent, and Phantom Pain is the exact same engine. I don’t think there will be any issues.

  • I initially liked the game for its gameplay, not its story. But having played on the series far too many times already, I moved my interest into the story itself. Sure it may have its difficulty comprehending the game at first, but with supplementing references and multiple playthroughs you get to understand about the complexity of the storyline and why is it so. Now, I liked the game for its story and twists first and foremost, gameplay just follows.

    You must have a keen interest or at least an understanding of politics for you to build a deeper interest on the game, like most players probably do. The game may be fictional and was intended to be so, but some of the portrayals in the game reflect of how reality was/is as far as politics is concerned.

  • Reptile

    Just a correction, the money you can make in singleplayer is GMP, the one you need to buy new FOBs is Mother Base Coins (MB Coins, also used to speed up R&D) and those you can only get with micro transactions.
    Robert said that on this interview (already in the part that matters)

  • Fenrir007

    Fucking bullshit is what this is.

  • Reptile

    Well he was wrong about the launch time, so there is a small hope he is wrong about this too (crossing fingers).

  • Ben Kuyt

    I really hope Mad Max is picked up as much as this. Make an already amazing film franchise an amazing game franchise, and not only do you have a billion dollar idea, you have millions of people loving you. WB are geniuses. I just hope MGSV doesn’t demolish it when on sale.

  • Nordu

    Konami trying to take a dump on the TPP. No way in hell am I going to pay a single cent for mother base coins.

  • Dave

    I am so glad that the last MGS game I played was 3.

  • Michele

    Konami better go bankrupt as soon as possible so that all of its ip could be free for other developers to work with.

  • Venom

    We have been waiting too long to know what really happened with Kojima.

  • pufferjacket99

    Seriously…I’m not really sure what people are complaining about here ?…. i earn almost 30 times that much a month, so i’ll definitely be buying that top level DLC coin pack each month. They are a good OPTION for gamers and if i want to get things sooner rather than monotonously GRIND out those coins in the game itself. I’m definitely buying into these microtransactions because i can afford it, no problem. And those who can’t….well it’s a shame, i feel for you, but get a better job. Gaming in the future is like everything else in consumerism and entertainment….poor people are not welcome. Huge corporations want money, not love. They don’t feel sorry for you. They want you to work harder and give them your hard earned money and there is nothing wrong with that. Business is business.

  • pufferjacket99

    not really. this is very cheeky of konami 🙂

  • Thanks for the tip duder, I’ll update the article ASAP!

  • Caio Pontes

    Don’t forget it’s packing the new developer-darling DRM Denuovo.

  • Nick

    Are you kidding, or are you serious? I cant really believe that you would even attempt to argue a valid point in favor of this.

  • Nick

    Mad Max is going to suffer a lot because its releasing the same time as this, its a fucking shame really because it looks great.

  • Ucouldntbemorewrong

    They won’t even mail the corpse they don’t give a shit

  • lucben999

    Mad Max too, goddammit Avalanche.

    The Denuvo guys are the same ones responsible for SecuRom, they are pushing for their new DRM really hard.

  • Buy it used.

  • FunkyRasta

    A long time ago there was something else to speed up game progress, the method was using… Cheats !

    And it was free. Now you have to pay for cheats.

  • Oh, I thought you were on console. Nvm then.

  • Well I may pick MM up, though it’ll be console (not installing that garbage DRM it has on my PC).

  • Guy Montag

    I was a longtime Metal Gear fan, but as I don’t own a PS3, I never got to play MGS4. I likely never will until it gets ported. A PC port seems more than feasible, so why bring both parts of MGSV to PC and leave out MGS4? It doesn’t make any sense.

  • Reptile

    “Oh do you want this corpse? If you get 3 lemons on the pachinko we will send for only 1800 MB coins”

  • Tobi Kun

    i have confirmation… i finished PP in 3 days ( of non-stop gaming… don`t judge me! xD ) and finished the Main Story… but… 3 days after… while still playing… i am just getting near to getting End-Game gear now.

    i feel that PP was suppose to be bigger, and that Konami actually pushed it out the door…