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Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a game that promises the moon and seems to be making progress to deliver on it. It’s a game that seeks not to bury itself in fantasy tropes and clichés but instead to create a realistic depiction of the medieval world using real life events to inspire it with an open world, open narrative design.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance was taken to Kickstarter in the winter of 2014 and funded for over 1 million euro at the time. Continuing to pick funds, as of today it was over 2 million euro and achieving more stretch goals on occasion – relatively recently adding Motion Capture to the game in full. Its developer has been previously interviewed by TechRaptor and there has been some controversy around the fact that some game websites have not covered it.

The game takes the idea of an open world, open narrative approach that is seen in some fantasy games in the rpg genre (such as the Elder Scrolls series) and ditches the fantasy. Instead, set in 1400s Europe it aims heavily at simulation in many aspects from how its world lives, to how fighting happens, the landscape and everything else. The story is in fact based on real events of that time period, though it seems unlikely that it’s going to be chained to those events beyond using it as inspiration and set up.

The game is fully voice acted and features branching dialogues that are every bit as important and sensitive as combat. It is timed as you have to react and pay attention to what is going on around you, and people will remember and judge based on what you say. This isn’t a game where you just click every dialogue option just because you can regardless of sense, instead how you do it and what you’ve done before impact it.

The game features a heavy full blown RPG stats (strength, speed, agility, vitality, speech), conditions (stamina, hunger, health, sleep), Skills (Swordsmanship, Archery, Alchemy, among others), and Perks (special moves, crafting formula or advantages). Conditions change based on what you’ve done – stats and skills improve as you use them.

The game is dedicated to its simulation approach. While many games aim abstractly at many points one of the major selling points of Kingdom Come: Deliverance is its basis in simulation of reality. You get better at things as you do them. The clothes you wear (and condition they are in) effects how people react towards you and what their opinion is. Eating and Sleeping are not for healing in this game but instead something that you have to do as part of surviving on a day to day basis. If you go without food, you get hungry and your abilities will take penalties as appropriate.

Its combat in style seems likely best compared to the Gothic series (not Gothic 4 – Gothics 1-3) where fighting multiple enemies is often a death request. Where combat was deadly and fighting something you did carefully with intelligence, as well as a mixture of player and character skill. How large it will be in things like sieges and full out war style battles is unknown at this time but it’s hard not to think of Mount and Blade as one of the other close ones to it when looking at those screenshots.

The Early Access which begins today is only a very early alpha. There is only one village and combat isn’t being released as much of it is still being tested and incorporating motion capture. There will be no horse riding or numerous other features yet as its early in development. Instead in this village there will be a few quests that you can do and get a feel for part of the game. Warhorse studios has said that every month or two they will release an update with mechanics they’ve added in, and increase the region it’s in. As it approaches beta it will likely go into a more formal Early Access state, but for now only backers will be able to play test the mechanics.

Their site is being updated today so it may be down but you can visit it at:

Don Parsons

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  • Small Moon Rabbit

    This does look like its going to be really cool. I’m sure I’ll become a backer sooner rather than later.

  • Alex

    This game caught my eye, but gonna wait for beta to try it though…
    P.S. : is it gonna be on Steam?

  • Mark Andrew Edwards

    I don’t know about this concept. 1400’s Europe was not a nice place. One of the selling points of Fantasy as a genre is the ability to smooth out some of the ugliness and cruelty of history, for better or for worse.

  • Sebastian Mikulec

    Where you find a negative I find a positive. Part of what drew me to the game is the promise of a historically accurate Europe, complete with all the oppression, corruption, and seediness. Heck, I’d argue that part of what has made the Witcher series so successful is that they present a dirty, corrupt world full of debauchery and oppression and don’t sugar coat it like so many fantasy RPGs.

  • Big Guy, For You

    That’s why I like it, I want to see the grim reality of that time period. Life isn’t fair it’s cruel and it sucks and to see that in a game set in a incredibly interesting time period is awesome.

  • Jayenn

    You mean like The Witcher series does? There is definitely a market for darker, more mature settings.

  • coboney

    It is going to be on steam. In fact the alpha is via steam though there isn’t a steam page for it yet – its all done on ‘activate via steam’

  • Alex

    Oh, I see (was searching it yesterday on the steam library :p). Thanks for the answer 😀

  • Mark Andrew Edwards

    I hope there is a market for it, I’m just leery. Forget female characters (especially female fighters) if they are going historically accurate. Mobility, social as well as physical, was sharply limited.

    I’m a fan of the Witcher (particularly the novels). I am curious and hope the title does well. Just…cautious about how successful this concept can be.

  • AngryPleb

    Hehe, mayor selling points. What a job for an elected official.

  • Schmoe

    Good article, but minor spelling error.

    “While many games aim abstractly at many points one of the mayor selling points of Kingdom Come: Deliverance is its basis in simulation of reality.”

    “Mayor” should be “major.”

  • coboney

    Obviously I meant that the lead of KC:D is a mayor…

    No, fixed it. Thanks for the heads up

  • Phil

    This is brilliant, I’ll make sure to keep an eye out on it and possibly even get it (if I can run it, any tech requirements released?).
    Keep doing the good job TechRaptor!