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The winners for phase 1 of the Killing Floor 2 Grindhouse Mapping Contest have been announced, awarding over $15,000 of prize money to the talented contestants. The Grindhouse mapping contest is judged on merits like gameplay, graphics and creativity with requirements that map makers utilize the key features of the game like properly spawning Zeds and bosses and have functioning Trader Pods. Winners were picked by the Tripwire Interactive staff and will have their maps featured in the Killing Floor 2 map line-up.

Containment Mission Objective Mode 587x330

Containment Mission Objective Mode

For the category of Best Non Survival map of Phase 1 there is only one winner. The winning map is called “Containment Station Objective Mode” and was awarded $5,000. The map is for 1-6 players from the creator Fel.

Junkyard 587x330


Coming in 5th for the Best Survival map in the Grindhouse contest is “Junkyard”. Fifth place earned this map $300 and a spot in Killing Floor 2’s line-up. Lorfsor’s multiplayer map is set at the edge of downtown Paris where Horzine has been attempting to breakthrough to the evacuation point.

Death Sentence 587x330

Death Sentence

Death Sentence” is the 4th place winner. The medium sized map encompasses a French prison, metro system and streets. Creator scootscoot was awarded $700 for their impressive first map.

Favela 413x330


3rd place was tie between “Favela” and “Port”. Both maps received $1,500 for winning 3rd place. smiffy555 created both “Favela” and “Port”.

Port 413x330


The winner of 2nd place and $2,500 is “Deadline”. RafaelTJ created a creative multiplayer level. in “Deadline” players will fight the Zed aboard trains.

Deadline 587x330


Finally the 1st place winner of the Grindhouse mapping contest is “Hostile Grounds”. Swift-Brutal-Death was awarded $5,000 for designing the best map of Phase 1. In “Hostile Grounds” players will have to fight to take back their zone.

Hostile Grounds 587x330

Hostile Grounds

Phase 1 has come to a close and the winners announced. Now Phase 2 is underway with a deadline of January 31, 2016. Official contest details can be viewed here. Over $50,000 will be offered to contestants in prize money over the course of the Killing Floor 2 Grindhouse Mapping Contest. You can submit your maps for the contest here.

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