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The Epsilon Twitter account, run by developer Serellan, announced that everyone who was part of the Kickstarter for Takedown would recieve Epsilon for free.

Takedown is a tactical FPS, in the same vein as Rainbow Six, but its launch and overall reception were unfavorable to say the least. Poor AI, lack of team chat, barren HUD, and menu problems plagued Takedown. The build up of hype from the Kickstarter, and the reality of the game when it launched, left players greatly disappointed. Now with Epsilon it looks like Serellan is trying to make it up to fans. In an interview with NicheGamer, development lead and Serellan owner, Christian Allen, talks about the story and setting of the game, and what kind of game they’re trying to create.

The team at Serellan looks like they learned from the failings of Takedown and are going to put what they have learned to good use in developing Epsilon. As another way to make up for Takedown they are giving Epsilon to those Kickstarter backers for free. So if you were a Takedown backer, keep an eye on Epsilon as its development continues; the concept looks interesting and if they avoid the mistakes they encountered before, Epsilon could be a pretty great game that you get with a 100% discount.

Quick Take

From what I’ve seen so far of Epsilon, which is admittedly not much, I’m pretty excited about it. Serellan seems 100% invested in making Epsilon a great game, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. All of the unique tools at your disposal will hopefully create a ton of replay-ability and varied gameplay. As for now, all we can do is wait and watch as Serellan seems to want to be very transparent about how development of Epsilon is going, which is great news. 

If you’re one of the backers from Takedown, how do you feel about the news? If you aren’t, what do you think of the move by Serellan?

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  • sickbroski

    With Allen’s attitude “Yes, 8 major patches over 5 months adding features and fixing issues. Plus free DLC. Tons. But the press refused to cover it, so no one really knows about it.”, I have no trust in Serellan.

    It’s too bad, because even though the game was broken as fuck, they still supported it and I got some fun out of it, on top of the frustration.”

  • mbits

    I have probably backed more kickstarter projects than anyone else in the world (literally). Short of the projects where creators just said “fuck it, I’m out” and quit and never refunded people their money (I have never seen people actually refunded their money, even when they were told it would be, so far)… short of all those… Takedown was one of the biggest failures.

    It seems to me that the funding for that project was used to get things off the ground and this is another step in their path that was meant to stem from that. So… yeah, I would fucking home — at a minimum — this would be given to backers.