Earlier today, Soulja Boy Interactive Inc. announced that it is partnering with Playdate developer Panic to release Crank That!: Adventures in Souljaland as an exclusive launch title for the upcoming handheld console.

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Last week’s surprise announcement of the Playdate left many gamers baffled by the lack of confirmed titles and the ambiguous purpose of the Playdate’s attached crank. Both concerns have now been addressed with the announcement of Crank That! Adventures in Souljaland, Soulja Boy Interactive’s most recent foray into the gaming sphere. At the private press event, Soulja Boy Interactive Inc. CEO Soulja Boy lauded the console’s innovative inclusion of a crank, calling it “a crank in the right direction for the gaming industry.” Mr. Boy continued, saying,

For years now we’ve been waiting for technology to catch up to our vision of what video games can be. Though our first few consoles just couldn’t contain our ambitions, we believe that with Panic’s Playdate—and its cutting edge crank technology—we finally have the hardware to make Crank That! Adventures in Souljaland a reality.

The press event also included a short demo of the game. Crank That! will allow players to “Crank That” in various directions, including forward, backward, and Robocop. The game also features a progression system in which XP earned through Cranking can be spent on advancing your Crank skill tree, allowing players to eventually Crank This, Crank These, and even Crank Those. When asked by TechRaptor if players would eventually be able to Crank Them as well, Mr. Boy responded that “Although we have no plans to include Cranking Them at this time, we are open to exploring those options in future DLC.”

Souljaboy Interactive also clarified in their presentation that although Crank That! Adventures in Souljaland will launch exclusively on the Playdate in early 2020, the game will also be released on the Epic Games Store and the company’s upcoming game streaming service Streamya Boy later that same year. More details will be announced at E3.

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