Fans of Rockstar Game’s Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto V may soon have one more thing in common as details regarding the multiplayer portion of Red Dead Redemption 2 have just been leaked. According to a napkin found in a diner highly secretive document marked “Top Secret – Rockstar employees only,” the multiplayer mode, dubbed The Wild West, will draw upon lessons that were learned from GTA: Online and improve upon features that the community found lacking.

Much like in GTA: Online, you will get to create your own character, customizing them to your liking. Unlike GTA: Online, however, you will get greater control over how they look, letting you choose your facial features based on not only your parents, but also your grandparents and your great grandparents. Not enough? Throw some extra dirt and grime on them! Still not enough? Customize their body as well, with options ranging from polio ravaged to opium addict! Furthermore, your Red Dead character’s background will have a greater impact on their in-game performance; Outlaws will be able to run 1% faster than other characters for example, while Expansionists will have more durable horses that can “totally take more bullets than other horses.” To help keep things balanced, however, these backgrounds do come with their downsides. The aforementioned Outlaws, for instance, are constantly drunk and can only fight people while in a Mexican standoff, while Expansionists have a 50% chance of keeling over and dying from dysentery at any time.

Leaked concept art of one of the characters in the Red Dead sequel's online portion

Leaked concept art of one of the multiplayer NPCs in Red Dead Redemption 2

Taking inspiration from GTA: Online’s Biker and CEO updates, you and your friends will also be able to set up Posses, giving you access to unique Posse activities such as “Cactus Hugging” and “Tumbleweed Wrangling.” To do so, however, your prospective Posse needs a home, which means that you will need to establish a Posse hideout by taking over towns and old abandoned forts, both of which need resources like food, alcohol, and snake oil to function. Naturally, this means that Heists will make a return, albeit with a more Western touch. Instead of antagonizing PMCs and shooting up meth dealers, you will get to rob stagecoaches, hijack trains, tip over whole herds of cattle, and even break certain NPCs (that may or may not make an appearance in the single player portion of Red Dead Redemption 2) out of jail. These Heists are expected to be released in an episodic manner, with the first one making its debut “soon-ish” after The Wild West portion of the game goes live.

However, the most secretive portion of this super secret napkin document was written in Morse code, and it pertains specifically to Red Dead Redemption 2’s in-game economy. When translated, it led to an internal memo that stated that most fans weren’t happy with how overpriced things were in GTA: Online, which led to a lot of people buying a lot of Shark Cards. The document admitted that while this proved to be extremely profitable, it soured GTA: Online’s reputation, and it stressed that this cannot happen with the Red Dead sequel. As such, in-game items will be priced more “realistically” and Shark Cards will be replaced with Buffalo Cards, which, as the memo stated, “is not a microtransaction because it will only be available in increments of $20, $50, and $100.”

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