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The Kanto region and the Pokéworld at large were shocked when it was revealed late last night that prominent Pokémon Trainers were promoting  gambling site WinPoke.Mon without disclosing that they held equity shares in the business.

Professor Oak File Photo 254x300

In a recent interview with the Pokémon News Network, respected Pokéscientist Professor Oak expressed his disappointment with his protegé Ash Ketchum allegedly promoting gambling website WinPoke.Mon.

The website WinPoke.Mon allows Trainers to wager their hard-caught Pokémon in an effort to win better and stronger Pokémon. Trainers can submit up to six of their Pokémon through any PC connected to the Pokémon Storage System. A complex algorithm measures the important stats such as Level, Effort Value, and any applied HMs or TMs. The value of the combined Pokémon equates to a point value that stands as your bet on the outcome of a match between professional Trainers.

Once a betting Trainer had transferred their ante of Pokémon, they would be entered into a pool of other Trainers’ bets. After this pool reached 151 total Pokémon, an assortment of Psychic-Types would determine the betting odds through a proprietary process involving a pair of a dice, three spoons, and a half-empty bottle of Repel. Once the match was completed, the winners would have their Pokémon dispersed to them via the Pokémon Storage System automatically.

Trainer (and aspiring Pokémon Master) Ash Ketchum and Cerulean City Gym Leader Misty Waterflower were both implicated in the scandal. Both parties had allegedly participated in multiple matches at the Cerulean City Gym against one another while quietly holding ownership stakes in WinPoke.Mon.

The information was originally brought forth by a person with the online handle “OnixLover15.” TechRaptor was able to contact this source directly and corroborate the details of OnixLover15’s claims. These claims were supported by copies of bank account statements delivered to TechRaptor offices in the Kanto region via carrier Pidgey. We can confirm that our source knows both parties personally and that they find Nurse Joy “absolutely gorgeous.”

TechRaptor reached out to both Mr. Ketchum and Ms. Waterflower. Ms. Waterflower had no comment on the matter. Mr. Ketchum delivered a brief and incoherent statement in which he stated he “still owes that [expletive] [expletive] Gym Leader ten thousand Pokédollars for her Kangaskhaning piece of [expletive] bicycle. Ketch-Money got bills to pay. Do ya’ll know how much a Snorlax eats?”

OnyxLover15 Interview 300x233

OnyxLover15 gave an intervew to the Kanto News Network on the condition of anonymity. This whistleblower has blown the lid off of an alleged conspiracy involving the quasi-legal gambling of trainers hard-earned Pokémon.

World-renowed Pokéscientist Professor Oak expressed his disappointment in the actions of his protegé Ash Ketchum and denied any connections to the business.

“Yes, I’ve regularly talked with Ash Ketchum as I do with any of the many surviving children currently on their journeys to catch these adorable and occasionally delicious monsters of the world,” he began. “I categorically deny any ties to this business. None of the reported off-shore banking accounts in the Orange Islands are in either the name of myself or my current partner Mrs. Ketchum. The Mercedes Benz that I recently purchased was acquired via proceeds that I have earned in my capacity as a Professor in Pallet Town. I’ve served this community honorably for many years and I will not hear any more of this nonsense. And get that bike out of here, you’re not supposed to ride those indoors!”

The KTC, or Kanto Trading Commission, has very strict rules involving the trading of Pokémon. Gambling is not expressly forbidden, although it is frowned upon. TechRaptor spoke with the Commissioner of the KTC Mrs. Fair Tradem.

“Although gambling for Pokémon is not expressly illegal in the Kanto region, we here at the KTC feel that it is uncouth and doesn’t show the proper amount of respect to the Pokémon that Trainers have worked so hard to catch,” Mrs. Tradem began. “There are so many Rattatas that responsible trainers love and care for right before they stuff them into the PC forever.”

I asked Mrs. Tradem her thoughts on what would constitute an appropriate trade between two or more parties as the law currently allows and she was quite happy to tell me.

“There are some standards that are universal in trading. None of the Pokémon must be stolen or otherwise illicitly acquired. All parties must know the real identities of the trading parties. So-called ‘Double Team’ purchases are completely illegal. This entire situation makes me quite sad. Trades should only be done in a fair and above-board manner, such as trading two similarly EV-trained Pokémon with a friend or trading your Blastoise for your little brother’s Zubat because he won’t stop whining about it.”

A particular point of interest in our investigation was the respective age of the alleged parties. Mr. Ketchum (aged 10) and Ms. Waterflower (aged 12) are not legally capable of holding business assets at their age. Kanto governmental authorities suspect that adults close to the pair may have been managing accounts and legal documents on their behalf. Investigators ask that anyone with knowledge of friends or family of either Mr. Ketchum or Ms. Waterflower making extravagant or otherwise out-of-character purchases in recent months come forward with relevant information.

Cerulean City Gym Security Camera Footage 300x169

This still from the Cerulean City Gym CCTV system shows a late night meeting wherein Cerulean City Gym leaders allegedly conspired with Ash Ketchum & co. to rig matches in exchange for a Cascade Badge and financial compensation.

The Trainers who participated in the allegedly rigged WinPoke.Mon scandal may be subject to criminal charges. Kanto Police Department Officer Jenny stated that the police does not typically comment on ongoing investigations. She added that the only legal place to play games of chance is the Celadon Game Corner in Celadon City. The Celadon Game Corner is reportedly a 100% legitimate gaming establishment that is definitely not connected to the Team Rocket criminal organization in any provable way.

Whatever the outcome of these legal matters, it’s clear that the reputation of WinPoke.Mon as well as the trainers allegedly involved has been tarnished by the scandal. In this writer’s opinion, bringing financial gain into the mix hurts the time-honored and noble sport of adorable fantasy animals beating each other to within an inch of their lives.

What do you think of the alleged behavior of the popular Pokémon Trainers Ash Ketchum and Misty Waterflower? Do you feel they should have disclosed the nature of their reported relationship with WinPoke.Mon prior to advertising the website? How exactly has Ash Ketchum been ten years old for nearly twenty years and counting? Let us know in the comments below!

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