The phansite is aflame with the recent news that the Phantom Thieves have their next target in their sights: Atlus. The game company is well-known by Phantom Thieves enthusiasts, as the beloved RPG maker’s popular Persona series has a title centered around a Phantom Thieves group. However, the real Phantom Thieves are none too happy with Atlus’ recent antics, which likely includes the Persona 5 streaming policy and now their recent attempts to remove an emulator’s source of income. Who knows what more the Phantom Thieves may know is going on. Now, the world waits to see what will become of the company as the Phantom Thieves have announced their intentions by sending Atlus a calling card.

The calling card, which was pasted on and distributed around Atlus’ headquarters in Tokyo, reads (thanks to Weeaboo Jones for the translation):

Esteemable Atlus, the witless group whose goodwill has been spent,

You take pride in punishing the powerless, hiding behind excuses to lash out at those who admire you. We have decided to make you confess your sins. We will take your distorted desires without fail.


The Phantom Thieves of Hearts

According to sources within Atlus, the executives seem undeterred. Instead, they are speaking with their legal team for a way to try to sue the Phantom Thieves. Not for the threats against them but for using the Phantom Thieves name, which Atlus is claiming they own. This has not been confirmed, but considering their recent actions, it is not unreasonable.

The phansite, after Atlus’ actions have brought some bad news to the Persona 5 name and thus the Phantom Thieves, is very much in favor of the Phantom Thieves’ actions. In a poll, 90% approved of the chosen target, which happened to be one of the most popular suggestions on the forums for the Phantom Thieves to target anyway. The Randy Pitchford contingent, which usually always makes up 2-3% of every poll, skyrocketed to 10% in this one. This is likely due to Pitchford defending Aliens: Colonial Marines yet again in a recent IGN interview.

What do you think Atlus will confess to in the near future?

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