One of Overwatch’s most mysterious characters, Doomfist, has long been the subject of fan speculation ever since Doomfist’s gauntlet first made an appearance in the Overwatch Cinematic Trailer. Who is Doomfist? Did his gauntlet get stolen again? Where is he now? Is he Talon’s newest member? Does he prefer boxers or briefs, or does he just go commando all the time? On and on the questions went until now, when Blizzard has finally decided to unveil their newest, and perhaps most interesting, Hero, who may even be able to (literally) shake up the Winston/D.Va dive comp meta. But enough fluff, onto Doomfist’s abilities and potential roles!

As you can probably guess from his name, Doomfist’s main method of attack is punching with his gauntlet, making him another close-range Tank similar to Reinhardt. Unlike Reinhardt, however, Doomfist is much more of a selfish character, lacking much of the utility that Reinhardt provides to the rest of the Overwatch roster. In that sense, Doomfist fills a role most similar to Roadhog’s, being a Tank/DPS hybrid who has fairly high personal survivability and damage potential at the cost of being minimally helpful to his teammates. With only 250 health, Doomfist sounds a bit too squishy for his intended role, but that’s where his unique passive ability comes in: his gauntlet absorbs 69% of the damage he would normally take, draining his gauntlet’s energy meter instead. Furthermore, even though Doomfist has very fast ability cooldown times, his abilities’ effectiveness is directly proportional to his gauntlet’s energy meter.

His first ability, Fisting Time, lets Doomfist unleash a rapid-fire series of punches at his opponent, doing 35 damage per hit, with a maximum of 4 hits at max energy, dealing an additional 10% damage per hit if the enemy is a nerd. If Doomfist kills his intended target, Jeff Kaplan personally shows up at your house and takes your lunch money, giving Doomfist the “New Overwatch Hero Hype” buff for two months, with a 50% chance to cause every Overwatch forum to be filled with “Doomfist is OP!” posts. Naturally, this makes Doomfist a hard counter to Heroes like D.Va, Winston, and Genji, as Fisting Time cannot be blocked by their defensive abilities, and it hits hard and fast enough that even if they manage to run away, they will take a significant amount of internal and emotional damage.

Doomfist’s second ability, Windmill Arms, is significantly more damaging, but it also actively drains his gauntlet’s energy meter. Activating it causes Doomfist to close his eyes and start rotating his arms like windmill sails, reducing his speed and your ability to see for the duration of the ability. If Doomfist bonks an enemy, then they take 70 damage and suffer reduced movement speed for half a second, giving high mobility Heroes a chance to run away and/or shoot back. If Doomfist kills an enemy with Windmill Arms, there is a 30% chance that Jeff Kaplan wrestles you to the ground in front of your friends and takes your credit card info. Once again, this is clearly intended to counter Overwatch’s Tanks, as they tend to have longer cooldown times on their mobility abilities, though smaller Heroes (Tracer, Mercy, Lucio, etc.) can simply stand between Doomfist’s spinning arms of death.

As impressive as Doomfist’s normal abilities may be, his Ultimate Ability, dubbed Aid-Kool’s Fury, could be the most game-changing ability to date in Overwatch. Upon activating it, Doomfist charges forward with his gauntlet, instantly destroying all barriers (i.e. the ones that Reinhardt, Zarya, and Winston have) if it connects. In addition, any enemies that are behind the barrier within a five foot radius are knocked down for 1.5 seconds, dealing 50 damage. If Doomfist kills an enemy with either the initial impact or the knockdown effect, there is a 10% chance that Jeff Kaplan takes 40% of your Competitive SR ranking and adds it to his own, in addition to putting a paywall on your copy of Overwatch, preventing you from picking any Hero other than “Bowless Hanzo” until you buy another copy of Overwatch. To help enemies know that Doomfist is charging, Doomfist starts to say his signature catchphrase, finishing it only if he connects with an enemy barrier, so if you hear someone yell “OH, YEAH!” from across the map, chances are that Doomfist just fisted your Tank and delivered them a refreshing powdered fruit drink at the same time.

With such an emphasis on hand to fist combat, Doomfist is obviously at a significant disadvantage against any enemy who has a gun or high mobility. That being said, he might not need to worry about such enemies if you are lucky enough to get an Overwatch team who knows how to switch Heroes to counter the enemy team’s Heroes. Fortunately enough for all the Doomfist mains out there, his distinctive and fairly normal sized character model serves as both a harbinger of impending doom and a defense against inaccurate gunfire, as you can see below.

overwatch doomfist

Doomfist, fighting it out on Numbani. Those explosions behind him are Bastions blowing up, if you wanted something to give context to the size of his character model.

As always, before people start claiming that Doomfist is wildly OP, keep in mind that it’ll take a while for people to start figuring out how to best use his unique abilities and how best to counter him, so, as always, we will have to wait and see just how useful he is and whether or not he lives up to his name.

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