At Blizzcon 2017, Blizzard unveiled Overwatch’s newest Hero, Moira, a unique healer who basically steals health from enemies and redistributes it among teammates. From a practical standpoint, she would be used in a manner similar to how one would play Zenyatta, actively helping a team win firefights by contributing a reasonable amount of personal damage and enabling or stopping pushes with an Ultimate ability that can cancel many other Ultimate abilities. Throw in a short-ranged teleport as an escape option and a pseudo-grenade ability that can be used to heal or hurt people, and you have a Hero that is extremely versatile and quite capable of fitting into many established team comps without much of an issue or a substantial learning curve.

Of course, therein lies the problem: Moira’s abilities are too well rounded for her role, making it so that there is no real hard counter to her. Flankers like Genji and Tracer have to work slightly harder to pick Moira off if she can teleport, and anyone who plays Overwatch knows that the random players on your team specifically tend to be terrible at actually getting picks; the players on every other team have the coordination and accuracy of a South Korean Esports team. That Moira can actually deal guaranteed damage to other Heroes within her range just solidifies her anti-flanker abilities. It doesn’t help that everyone is already so familiar with fighting the same two four virtually unchanged, bordering on stale at this point healers for the past year that it also gives her the element of surprise. Not to mention that Moira’s character model is on the slim side, forcing DPS mains to have to actually aim to hit her.

Historically speaking, Blizzard also has a tendency to make their newest Overwatch Heroes completely overpowered and meta-defining upon release. Remember how there were entire team comps built around Ana, Orisa, Sombra, and Doomfist? No one ever considered those Heroes to be “troll picks,” especially when people realized that abilities like Hack aren’t a bit too situational for normal use if you’re playing with a group of uncoordinated randoms or the fact that punching people in a gunfight without considering your own positioning isn’t exactly the best idea. It’s not like people ever overreacted about a new Hero before, or even an existing Hero, based on one or two situational personal experiences despite every available stat tracking website showing that such Heroes don’t have unusually high winrates.

overwatch moira ult

This is actually a screenshot from Overwatch 2, as Moira’s Ultimate ability takes that long to charge up

Now you may be saying to yourself, “Wait, Moira’s barely even on the PTR, how is she OP?” Simple, just take a look at Moira’s Ultimate ability, Coalescence, which bears a stark resemblance to the Kamehameha from the Dragon Ball franchise. Now look at her running animation. Notice how she has her arms swept back, like a ninja who inexplicably wears some of the brightest colors known to man would? This gives her an incredible speed advantage over literally every other Hero in the game. Evidently, Moira is going to be outright unbeatable as she has clearly has the power of anime on her side, something that even Genji and Hanzo could not claim and they are literally Japanese ninjas.

In an ideal world, no Overwatch Hero would ever be overpowered, but that is obviously not the case since things like pineapple pizza exist. Unfortunately, it seems like Blizzard, in their attempts to make a healer who has a more engaging and exciting playstyle, created a healer who could literally function as a DPS character. Putting aside the fact that such a Hero already exists (Mercy), Moira’s introduction to the game is a sure sign that power creep, the idea that new content must be substantially more powerful than older content to generate interest, is in full effect. That being said, Moira is actually incredibly underpowered right now and she might need a buff, partially because no one knows how to play her yet and partially because it would help out those who struggle at the first five maddeningly difficult minutes of DOOM or Cuphead’s insane jumping tutorial.

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