In a surprise move, Blizzard Entertainment has stated that they will be adding yet another character to their blockbuster first person shooter Overwatch immediately after the 2017 Summer Games.

Shortly after the announcement of Doomfist, a leak of internal e-mails combined with Redditors data-mining the game’s code has revealed the 26th character in the game. Operating under the code-name “Gazer,” the hero uses devastating vision-based abilities to eliminate his opposition simply by looking at them.

Gazer plays a bit differently than the current roster of heroes. Gazer’s attack causes damage simply by looking in the general direction of the enemy. His left click and right click allow you to close either his left or right eye respectively, although this is ill-advised – his powerful vision based attacks will drain your health as they are damaging the inside of your own eyelids. Primarily, these abilities exist for you to help healers gain their ultimate and to BM the enemy team.

Kekraptor Gazer Goggles HUD

This HUD image from Overwatch internal testing shows Gazer’s special crosshairs. Anything caught within the “goggles” sustains damage, and anything within the “eyeballs” of the goggles sustains critical damage.

Gazer’s E Ability is Periphery, a toggleable function that widens your FOV to 150% of the norm. Opposing players will see Gazer’s bulbous, horrifying eyes bulge out and point in opposite directions, ever watchful for the movement of fresh souls to stare down. Lastly, his Ultimate ability is Omnipotence – your entire head transforms into an eyeball that can see in every direction. Although the resultant 360-degree field of view is difficult and confusing to play with, it’s balanced by the fact that you kill anyone in your line of sight within 2 seconds, regardless of distance.

In a press release, Overwatch Hero Balance Designer Dan K. Foils stated that the purpose of Gazer was to create a character “even easier than Mei or Symmetra” that “any mouth-breathing idiot could play”:

“While most players strive to improve their aiming abilities, some people just can’t cut it even if we give them a honking big shotgun like Reaper or Roadhog. Our internal metrics have shown that some players – especially on consoles – have difficulty getting kills even with characters like Winston who only require that you are relatively close and facing your enemy. Gazer is the next evolution in watering down the FPS genre to even more unpalatable levels and removing any pretense of a skill floor.” -Dan K. Foils, Overwatch Hero Balance Designer

Although some heroes release in an overpowered state, Gazer is not that strong of a character as it might seem. Much like any sniper, you can easily survive in a fight against him by taking care to stay completely out of his line of sight. He’s completely vulnerable from the rear, although his 300 health, 200 armor, and 200 shields make him an especially tough nut to crack.

The pro scene is divided on how Gazer will change the meta. Symmetra mains are particularly happy for being able to play a character of similar skill level that is looking to be much more effective in terms of combat. As for the opposition to this new character, we are unfortunately unable to reproduce any of their comments as they are rife with coarse language and constitute hate crimes in several European nations. Gazer will be available on the Overwatch PTR immediately after the conclusion of the 2017 Summer Games.

What do you think of Overwatch’s latest hero? Do you think the game benefits from having “easier” characters to play or should gamers suck it up and git gud? Let us know in the comments below!

KekRaptor is our semi-regular satire series. You can find more of them here.

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