As a lover of colorful hero shooters, I’m naturally a huge Overwatch fan. And as a 8 year old child trapped in the body of an adult man, I am of course also a fan of sugar-enhanced corn products pressed into an O shape. So you can imagine my excitement—and my wife’s annoyance—when I spotted a box of Overwatch Lucio-Oh’s at our local Target and had a miniature geek-out in the cereal aisle. A few Slack messages later and TechRaptor, against its better judgement, agreed to let me review it. Stars above, this job is great.

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Originally announced back in November at BlizzCon, Lucio-Oh’s is a licensed cereal from Kellogg’s, who also makes such breakfast delights Frosted Flakes, Rice Krispies, and Froot Loops, among others. As such, I was expecting them to just be yellow and green Froot Loops siphoned off into a different box. But you, like me, will be pleasantly surprised to know that these are not fruit (or froot, I guess?) flavored at all. Instead they are Sonic Vanilla flavored, whatever the heck that means, and dang are they good.

overwatch lucio ohs cereal

You can hardly blame me for expecting knock-off Froot Loops.

They have a pleasant imitation vanilla aroma as soon as you open the box. The O’s color is about as vibrant as your typical Froot Loop, which is to say not that vibrant unless you’ve been eating corn flakes for the last 20 years. The color matches pretty closely with what’s on the box though, so I can’t really complain.

The initial bite has an excellent crunch to it. You can taste the milk seeping into the pores of the sugary corn and staying there without affecting the integrity of the O. There’s just enough of that artificial vanilla flavor in Lucio-Oh’s to take your taste buds on a sweet trip to the payload, but not so much that it beats you over the head with it. The subtle vanilla pairs well with the overall sugaryness of the cereal, enhancing its flavor while mitigating its high sweetness. If I were to describe the vanilla and sugar as a ship, I’d say it’s more of a Genji x Mercy or a Soldier 76 x Reaper—pleasant, inoffensive, hard to dislike.

But there’s more to a cereal than just the first few bites. After initially maintaining a solid crunch within the milk, the exterior of the Os started to feel soggy after about 2.5 minutes. The interior, however, maintained its crunch well into the the fourth minute, though I could sense those precious sugary walls starting to give way as well after about five minutes. So if you’re a slow eater like, say, someone pausing between bites to take pictures and jot down notes in Google Drive, then you’ll find them to be a bit soggy by the time you reach the bottom of the bowl. If you fall in that category then I recommend the tried and true bit-of-cereal, bit-of-milk, eat, bit-of-cereal, bit-of-milk, eat, tactic. But your average cereal connoisseur should have no problem finishing their bowl before the crunch is all gone.

Once the cereal is gone, you are of course left with age-old and sacred ceremony of drinking the sugary milk left over at the bottom. With Lucio-Oh’s, the milk absorbs the subtle vanilla hints well, but also takes on the sugary flavor in a much greater proportion, losing the key balance maintained by the cereal. Basically, that delectable pairing Soldier: 76 and Reaper morphs into more of a Tracer x Mei—just a tad too sweet. Though still good, it did leave me with a worse impression than I started with.

overwatch lucio ohs back

I’m thinking turquoise. Lots and lots of turquoise.

In terms of accouterments, Lucio-Oh’s come with some nice bonuses. The back of the box has a coloring panel to create your own Lucio skin, and is sizable enough to occupy kids and 24-year-old man-children for multiple breakfasts. There’s also a link to download Lucio’s Synaesthesia Auditiva album for free, though you technically don’t need to buy the cereal for that. But the biggest draw for Overwatch fans will be the free Loot Boost that comes with each box. Basically, the Loot Boost gives you a free Loot Box the next three times you level up in-game, so considering I spent $3.50 on the family-size cereal and it gives about $3 worth of Loot Boxes it’s actually a pretty good deal for any Overwatch whales out there. I guarantee you’ll get more value out of the cereal than from your 20th Symmetra voice line.

The catch is that you can’t simply redeem a code on your console/PC or in-game like any reasonable person would expect. Instead, if you want to get your Loot Boost you need to make a Kellogg’s Family Rewards account online, connect that account to your Blizzard account, take a picture of your receipt and submit that picture to Kellogg’s website, and then you will get your Loot Boost within 72 hours. It’s a roundabout redemption system that makes me yearn for the good old days of breakfast cereal when they’d just stuff a kazoo in there and call it a day. Maybe there’s a lot to say about the inflation of digital goods’ value bringing about the depreciation of physical goods’ but this is a video game cereal review so we’re not going there.

Convoluted redemption systems aside, it’s hard to deny that Lucio-Oh’s are a dang good cereal whether you’re into Overwatch or not. The grade-A licensing and digital bonuses are just icing on the cake for this surprisingly delicious breakfast option. Better get it now before Blizzard nerfs it in the next patch.

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Lucio-Oh's are an overall delicious cereal with a great, though obtuse, prize.


  • Great balance of flavors
  • Free Loot Boost is a good deal


  • Loot Boost redemption is a bit annoying
  • Why's there no Roadhog BBQ sauce?

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