It’s that time of year again, where kids and adults alike get to dress up as (mostly) fictional characters and wander around the streets at night like door to door salespeople, asking complete strangers for candy that is preferably free of razors and poison. To commemorate this occasion, Blizzard has just released their Halloween update for Overwatch, featuring a wide variety of new skins, voice lines, and more that can only be obtained through their new Halloween loot boxes.

Much like in the Summer Games event, you can earn Overwatch’s Halloween loot boxes every time you level up (or buy them, if you prefer spending real money on fake items), giving you a chance to unlock unique Halloween themed skins for your favorite Hero. Unlike the Summer Games loot boxes, however, the Halloween themed loot boxes have a chance of rewarding something far greater than just mere skins. “Thanks to the overwhelming number of people who were willing to fork over their hard earned cash for fake items support that we received for our Summer Games event, every loot box that you acquire during the duration of the Halloween event will be a “Trick or Treat” loot box,” stated a Blizzard press release. “Such loot boxes will, as their name implies, give you a chance at a Trick (such as four copies of a skin for a Hero that you never play as), or a hidden Treat, which unlocks the next step in our Sombra ARG (which may or may not unlock Sombra early for the first 1,000 people who are willing to stare at a blank website for hours and hours, waiting for even the most minuscule of clues reach the conclusion of the ARG).”


A sneak peek at one of Overwatch’s new Trick or Treat loot boxes. You know its real because its transparent, like a spoopy ghost. Also it says “Ooooh.”

While Blizzard was not willing to comment on exactly how the Treat portion of their loot boxes ties into the Sombra ARG, one anonymous spokesperson stated “If you’re really lucky, and you think that you got a Treat, try singing traditional Dia de los Muertos music into your mic the moment that a Mariachi Reaper and D.Va use their ultimate ability at the same exact time in the square filled with pinatas on the El Dorado map.” The anonymous spokesperson also made it very clear that you will have to sing really loudly for Overwatch to register it as being you, and for best results, to record it and post it on a very public video sharing website, such as YouTube, to make sure that Blizzard can confirm that it is indeed you who earned a Treat.

When questioned on how people will know that they received a Treat if the Treats are hidden, the spokesperson stated that “If you are one of the lucky few who have earned a Treat and unlocked the next stage of the Sombra ARG, then keep an eye on the email that is associated with your Blizzard account. You may receive an email with the subject line ‘hay tantos tontos que caen para los trucos de este año.'”

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