Prior to Overwath’s release, you may have heard of a certain incident whereby a very concerned parent was rather upset about the game’s de-facto mascot and one of her poses. As luck would have it, that character found themselves in the midst of another scandal once again, and this time, it doesn’t even involve anything that is accessible in the game itself. Tracer, who is arguably the face of Overwatch, was featured in the game’s latest comic, Reflections, which was obviously intended to show that tacky Christmas scarves actually make for really cool gifts. Unfortunately, the recipient of Tracer’s gift was none other than (brace for it) her significant other: another woman. On top of that, Blizzard had the audacity to go and show that a number of the game’s other characters either stay in touch with one another as close friends, or perhaps even more shockingly, that they have lovers.

Such a controversial move has apparently ignited certain portions of Overwatch’s audience who, upon realizing that it is now at least semi-canon that Torbjorn has conceived multiple children, have taken to boycotting the game. “It…it…it…it isn’t fair,” said TracerisMYWaifu on the Blizzard forums, presumably while sobbing into a box of tissues or a Tracer body pillow. “I thought games were supposed to have blank one dimensional characters that you could impose your own thoughts onto so that you can imagine that one day, maybe you’ll meet someone just like them and then you’d run off and get married or something.” Of course, since it would be absurd to sue Blizzard for emotional distress this close to the holidays, TracerisMYWaifu has decided to boycott Overwatch instead, promising to “deny Blizzard, the sick bastards, the privilege of my presence on their servers until they state that the comic is not canon.”

Apparently, this sentiment is not unique to this one individual either, as multiple other Blizzard forum-goers, Redditors, and the like posted similar thoughts regarding their favorite characters and their presence in the Reflections comic. Statements like “WHAT? Mercy can’t be in LOVE with Genji!11!!!!111,” “GeT YOUr fake cowboy hanDs off MY Sombra, McCree (or should I say McCreepy)!,” and “Oh, Roadhog and Junkrat are on a honeymoon together, that’s actually totally fine, good for them” rang across Overwatch’s various social media platforms, with many calling for similar boycotts until Blizzard publicly states that Reflections is not canon and that if you “main” (in other words, play almost elusively as) a certain Hero in the game, then that Hero has to be super attracted to you and only you (although this would likely result in a rather awkward situation involving Genji and Hanzo “mains”).

Overwatch Baby Winston

Seriously, this was one of the closest things to legitimate love that we’ve seen in Overwatch before the Reflection comic

When Jeff Kaplan, the Game Director for Overwatch, was asked for a comment, he seemed completely and totally super surprised at how certain parts of the Internet had an issue with what should be a non-issue. “In hindsight, we should’ve probably anticipated how Russia would react when literally only two pages of a comic book about fake video game characters showed any hint of homosexuality,” Kaplan said. “But the rest of the Internet, or more accurately, a very minute part of our audience? Those guys are always so rational and think things through all the way, though; they would totally never make a big deal about one of our most popular characters being homosexual.”

“It’s almost like they overlooked the fact that the Heroes of Overwatch are based (however loosely) on real human attributes. That and the whole ‘We wanted to show some of our Heroes living normal lives with friends and family during the holidays’ thing. Oh, and the ‘Two people of the opposite (or same) sex can do things like write to each other, drink alcohol in the same bar, or even eat dinner together, without having to sleep with each other’ thing, that’s a real important one.”

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