Although many jRPG fans were happy to finally receive a North American release date for the upcoming Persona 5, some players are worried that with such a long gap between the Japanese and North American release, they are bound to be spoiled while they wait for the localization. One such player is so worried about the idea that he might have crucial elements of the plot spoiled five months before the North American release, that he is taking matters into his own hands.

A person only going by the handle “Weeaboo Jones” has confirmed to TechRaptor that he is planning to spend the next three months—more or less all of his free time during the summer—learning Japanese, in the hopes that he can import the Japanese version of the game five months before the North American launch. Jones had this to say about his decision: “At this point, if I do nothing, I WILL be spoiled. I know that Persona 4‘s twist became a meme when that game came out years ago, and considering the Internet now, I can only see things getting worse. I guess I could just stop using the Internet entirely for the five months following the Japanese release, but in my mind that’s even more ridiculous than trying to learn Japanese in three months.”

When pressed on exactly how he plans to learn the language in relatively short span of time, Jones explained that he has already downloaded a couple of Anki flashcard decks and he has copies of Genki I and II coming in the mail right away. He plans to spend nearly every waking hour until Persona 5‘s Japanese release studying. When asked whether he feels that putting so much effort into learning the hardest language for native English speakers to learn is worth it for only one game, Jones replied by stating that since “[he is] a Dragon Quest fan, [he should’ve] started studying Japanese years ago.”

Considering the advent of campaigns such as the “Boston Salt Party,” where a large group of individuals took it upon themselves to spoil a highly anticipated game’s plot—in that case, Fallout 4—Jones might have a reason to be worried about spoilers. 

“I don’t know exactly what Atlus was thinking. I know there’s only so much you can do when localizing a game, but you’d think with all the delays that there wouldn’t be such a big gap between the NA and JP release. What were they doing for all those months? Deciding the English voice cast? Well, at least since I’m importing I don’t have to hope for the Japanese audio this time around.”

Regardless of what went into the final decision, Persona 5 releases in North America this upcoming Valentine’s day. Whether you’ll be importing Persona 5 when it comes out in Japan, or buying the North American release 5 months later, Jones had at least one positive thing to say about the recent announcement:

“At least I’m not European.”

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