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As one of the most anticipated games of 2016, it should come as no surprise that Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky would come under a lot of scrutiny upon release. With some players becoming disgruntled over how you can’t actually meet other players and some confusion over what the game actually offers though, it appears as though certain parts of No Man’s Sky’s  audience would have benefited from having slightly more reserved expectations. One No Man’s Sky fan however has gone beyond mere dissatisfaction and has actually filed a class action lawsuit against Hello Games, claiming that the fact that the game didn’t revolutionize his life is tantamount to false advertising.

Imagine how much fun it would be to raid this convoy with your friends … oh wait.

“See? It says it right there on their homepage. It says ‘infinite procedural generated galaxy,'” said Richard “Dick” Imagonnasueya-Pantsoff. “I spent 23 hours on launch day, and it turns out that all you can do is walk around and basically stare at rocks by yourself.” When it was pointed out that that is basically the premise of No Man’s Sky, Imagonnasueya-Pantsoff said, “Look, I know that you can fly around and stuff, but I was expecting alien cities, quests maybe, player choices and morality, stuff that will make the game worthy of being ‘infinite.'” Imagonnasueya-Pantsoff clarified that he didn’t think the game itself was bad per-se, but he felt betrayed because, at its core, No Man’s Sky isn’t capable of offering an experience beyond being “single-player Minecraft, without the crafting, in space.”

In response to these allegations, a Sony PR spokesperson stated that “No Man’s Sky is a game that is working exactly as advertised. Hello Games explicitly stated that you can fly around, name stuff, and shoot rocks; the existence or development of any other features (such as multiplayer, action, or meaningful NPCs) can neither be confirmed nor denied at this point.” In addition, the spokesperson stated that Hello Games has been consistent in their stance on discouraging players from looking up No Man’s Sky on the Internet, and it has nothing to do with their fear that people will realize that the game is more about quantity rather than quality. “If you explore literally everything by yourself with no help from the Internet, you will find that No Man’s Sky is as close to infinite as you can get.”

Oh look, animals that have body parts that make sense from an evolutionary standpoint, what an amazing discovery!

Sony’s PR spokesperson left one final, flustered comment, seemingly confused as to why people were claiming that No Man’s Sky was guilty of false advertising. “I am uncertain why someone felt the need to file a lawsuit against Hello Games. We have looked over every single one of Sean Murray’s statements regarding the game, and they have been clear, concise, and consistent enough that anyone can understand them without any confusion. In fact, they are so clear, concise, and consistent that it blows my mind how many people are playing No Man’s Sky right now. Did you know that two players have found each other on the day that the game came out? It is amazing that Discoveries are working at all with how many people are playing.”

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Anson Chan

Staff Writer

You ever wonder why we're here? It's one of life's greatest mysteries, isn't it? Good thing games exist so that we don't have to think about it. Or at least I don't have to think about it. Instead, I'll just play Halo or something.

  • Casey

    I just got through refunding this game. The way the media tried cramming this game down our throat like it was the second coming of Christ has been despicable. I remember getting major shit for telling people this game didn’t look like there would be much to it months ago, and here we are with yet another boring ass procedural generation survival game.

    Thankfully, steam refunds exist.

  • Capricciola

    Who expects questlines and moral choices in a game with a randomly generated world?

  • Ricardo Lima

    If you get a refund I think it should be enough and a lot of the tradional blogging press is equally to blame for the overhype. Plus the game has a promising concept that led to the to this.

  • Gargie

    Am i the only on who thinks its lived up to the hype and is actually enjoying the game?

  • Robert Grosso

    no. It has turned into a love/hate kind of game. Which I kind of expected as the release got closer.

  • IIRC, Starbound did it (The quests, that is).

  • Haris Younis

    Spore had quests and quest lines- they didn’t even add those xD

  • Haris Younis

    Hm, tell me something would you enjoy watching paint dry 18 Quintilian times?

  • Gargie

    If said paint was as entertaining as playing NMS the yes
    ( what where you expecting COD+generic space game+multiplayer=generic MMO ?). Personally I like I like that its nonlinear,that I can spend 6hrs worth of gameplay time 100%ing single planet or not,i like that it feels like im in the world of Dune/Aliens/2001:SO,I like that the planets are stupidly big i can go on and on.

  • Alistair

    Hmm the game working like it said says the Sony Rep that was a sarcasm wasn’t it.

    You know utter Lies when you hear them, when sean of hello games keep saying there be online multiplayer. A new PEGI sticker of 7 over the old 12 that advertise online part.

    That is the truth of the matter. Im not surprise the dude taking class action as in UK it illegal for advertisement to mislead people and a heavy fine oppose on them.

    I hope the dude wins and Sony get it wallet out.

  • Alistair

    Tell me about it Im was listening to Spotify on PS4 Ad driven as i cant buy sub yet.

    And every ad it about no man’s sky over and over as spotify only gives you 1 ad.

    I got a spare tenner just to get rid of that ad, willing and able.

  • Casey

    That’s why I never do ad based services. It’s always the same 1-3 ads, over and over again. If you binge watch/listen to things, it’s unbearable.

  • Scootinfroodie

    I expected this fiasco when I watched media outlets hype the shit out of this game before gameplay was even shown. Once I saw the actual gameplay (as barebones and basic as it is) I knew a shitstorm was a-brewin. That’s not even taking into account the whole multiplayer thing and the launch issues.

    My only regret is not building a machine capable of using salt and schadenfreude as fuel. I could have brought humanity into a new era

  • Logic First

    Who actually thought this game was going to be good?

  • Haris Younis

    Uh generic space game? What is but a generic space game without purpose/story? The only good about it is the scale of things and how it transverses between plants and space and that’s where it ends. There was nothing impressive with the super formula- the creatures have a generic AI heck even the NPCs, General objectives follow the same pattern- Unique doesn’t equal quantity alone it has to have quality which this game only provides in visuals- NOTHING MORE.

    Even a game like COD in single player has linear setting- and in multiplayer you need to actually have multiplayer this game does not have multiplayer another dishonest bait and switch shit hello games pulled off,

    it’s a loop. You pretty much didn’t get my analogy about the paint getting dry- or maybe it was catered to people like you who have that long of a attention span.

    Dune/Aliens/2001:SO are nothing without their lore- Exploring the universe to find there is nothing more than mining and earning credits to the center of the galaxy to find out there is no lore, no secrets and you get to do it all over again in a different galaxy is an absurd way to troll gamers.

    It’s creators like Hello games who are ruining the name of open world exploring genre.

  • Samuel Pi Blantz

    LOL. If all he did was stare at rocks then he is in for a BIG surprise when his lawsuit fails. There’s a ton of stuff to do in this game. And after digging into the files it seems there is more to come. Plus the devs stated updates to the game will happen. What a silly goose.

  • Reptile

    Typical, putting COD on comparison because “mainstream”. I’ve seen the same kind of comparison on bad “games” like Gone Home, The Mountain. “This usnt COD u prick” / “Go bak 2 COD” / etc.

    How about using some true space sim games to make a honest comparison? EVE Online, X3 Terran Conflict, Evochron or even Spaceforce Rogue Universe that is the shallowest of them and even then has more interesting stuff than No Man’s Sky.

  • Reptile

    You know this is satire right?

  • Reptile

    This is satire, that is why it’s called Kekraptor.

  • Souvik Roy Choudhury

    What I find most amusing is the amount of people in the comments that think this is a serious article. 🙂

  • Zepherdog

    Maybe they’re all playing along ;^)

  • Zepherdog

    It’s amazing the power neon coloration and false premises holds over people.

  • Gargie

    Dude,from that i can tell you did not do any of the side exploration monoliths and such there’s your “lore” right there.I bet you just blew thru the main “story” line in like 6hrs and then decided to throw a tantrum online,Its not HG fault that you and other people lack enough imagination and wanderlust (even in a video game) to go off and explore on your own.Also HG never said it would be an MMO (Steam and GOG have it catg as SP) but said that players exists in the same game space and could potentially see each other IF everything worked out properly…

  • Wayne Adams

    I love the game.

  • Haris Younis

    Not an argument- Since when did side stuff become the main focus of a game? You know what? I’ve played games like Fallout 3,NV, 4- Not space games but whole heavily focus on exploration and the
    side business but even they had a better main story line and ‘quality’ exploration and side quests.

    Monoliths- Nope still not an argument, lets see aside for feeding the ‘reward’ addiction they do not play any other role- the random gibberish on them absolutely has no value or interactive relation in context with the gameplay if it did it would have been great but again random quantities. The races play no significant role- you learn the languages and it makes easier for you to get rewarded when you encounter a new alien(again the addiction loop).

    Oh right, so people who actually have a deeper thirst for quality lack imagination and wanderlust- brilliant man- I won’t be replying to you anymore.

  • 0v3rkill

    no multiplayer no $$$$. stupid to sit there playing a galaxy game on your own

  • Souvik Roy Choudhury

    One can hope. 🙂

  • Reptile

    It’s ok, new visitors don’t get the “kekraptor” thing, I think they should have a “satire” tag / category.

  • Blinken

    Exactly as advertised is a little disingenuous when the Steam store page literally has descriptions like “Trade convoys travel between stars, factions vie for territory, pirates hunt the unwary, and the police are ever watching.” which are definitely NOT in game.

  • Gargie

    You are so full of it.Now im thinking you haven’t even played it and just watch YT rantings.You basically want Space COD AKA Destiny that spoon feeds you a generic melodrama.Sorry but thats how pretty much 99% of games work more so then NMS hell even FO is far more guilty of the “do task get reward loop” where every single loot-able entity gives some sort of reward and guess what FA3 and NV where just as broken and lacking when they launched.Yes the monoliths are relevant since this game was created some people are completely missing the concept of this game completely nonlinear exploration.

  • Haris Younis

    Honestly man I don’t even know where COD came in the discussion. I’ve played games like X3 Terran Conflict and it’s squeal- NMS doesn’t even comes close to them. Heck I love so much I was a big fan ever since I played Tachyon: The Fringe back in 2004

  • TheCybercoco

    It’s ok. Your comment is valid for the idiots it makes fun of.

  • Ackbar

    Considering the game literally doesn’t even have what was shown for months in trailers, I would argue that it is not at all what was shown for months.

  • Jimmy Dyke

    i for one will put up 1000$ to file this suit the game has been patched to make it not work at all now and the specs were fabricated

  • TX_Sunset

    “Did you know that two players have found each other on the day that the game came out?”

    Proof or I call BS!!! There are youtube videos showing multiple people at the exact same planet and outpost and they cannot see each other. Just more crap from the crap factories at Sony Entertainment.

  • TX_Sunset

    It is not even much of a survival game unless you count having to power up your exosuit every now and then to keep from dying from the environment but it is not that hard to keep your suit powered. You cannot crash into a planet in your ship. No worries about food or water. A few hostile animals here and there but they are easily killed with a bolt gun. Not really much survival at all.

  • LTOZ

    Sean Murray literally says the only way you’ll know what you look like is if you cross paths with someone else… pretty sure your character is and always will be invisible and there is no way we’re gonna ever run into another player because the multiplayer aspect was a lie to sell more copies.

  • Casey

    Yeah, it’s mostly just filling the bars.

  • MosesZD

    I don’t know how Sony can claim Murray didn’t lie. There is no multiplayer. Yet he talked about how other people could see you. How you could have PvP. How you could be ganked. How you could play with your friends. That’s multiplayer.

  • Peter

    I like NMS too and anyone trying to file a lawsuit is incredibly deluded. However you are wrong that it is exactly what was advertised…..It isnt. Including things the developers said that turned out to be cut from the final game. I think they could have avoided all the confusion and upset had they just admitted from day 1 that content was cut and that much like destiny if you want the ‘final’ No Mans Sky game then wait until September 2017 and i bet its a much fuller experience. In my opinion the framework of the game is nothing short of genius, but the execution of your interaction in the game is severely lacking and too repetitive. Why can you not make waterfalls/rivers, why are all animals very basic in behavior, why cant you interact with other people, why does every planet have the same outposts/ruins etc. Shouldnt some planets be almost completely bare? Why isnt gravity different on each planet, surely on some you should be very heavy and on others you could jump for hundreds of metres. There are so many little things they can do to turn this game from a 7/10 to a classic 10/10 must buy game

  • cg

    Angry Joe listed about a dozen lies with Sean Murray video evidence to prove it…Sony is full of s***.

    The creator of the game repeatedly lied, and even their tech demos had deceitful things. The suit has more substance than the Aliens colonial Marines suit…and even that one was good.

  • cg

    Reddit had a very thorough post here, that outlines over 40 things lied about….all with sources.

  • Kohki Shoji

    Paid for by Hello Games

  • Rubin Chen

    I have logged 115 hours my self looking for faction space battles and flying to the sun. I don’t know if you tried it but you can’t reach the sun. Now even if i let the multiplayer thing slide there are still many things they promised and never delivered. From encountering more than 1 walker to portals on the planets. Now am I asking for my money back because I need the 60 bucks? NO! However I DO NOT WISH to encourage more liars to making dumbass promises if they are not going to keep it. In other words, i don’t want my 60 bucks back but I don’t want Sean Murray to get any of it as well.

  • Ged1s

    no they didn’t find each other….wtf is this covered up shit? Sony watched each ad about NMS and everything matches in the release? sony got some tight diarrhea spraying out of their mouths.

  • Rob ____

    I never read any previews or watched any videos. The only thing I did read was the advertisement for the game on steam, and everything in that little… ADVERTISEMENT… for the game, was true. And I really enjoy the game for what it is.

    Interviews = hype, not advertisements. Can’t sue for that. Sorry.

  • Joseph Drew

    Sony PR spokesperson?? Sean Murray’s comments were clear… clear lies. He played a doctored demo that looks 20 times better than the crap I played. I can’t believe a PR weirdo from Sony would back up Hello Games. Sean Murray is a whore.

  • Trandana

    “Did you know that two players have found each other on the day that the game came out? It is amazing that Discoveries are working at all with how many people are playing.”

    No they didn’t you pieces of shit, they tried to, but THERE IS NO MULTIPLAYER

  • E pluribus unum

    Liked the game, so many people are butthurt

  • I’m seeing people on YouTube claim that there really is a lawsuit, so I suspect some people aren’t that bright.

  • If Sean Murray lied, that would be fraud. I see no lawsuit yet. Until there is, and until the plaintiffs win, all this crying is just a big childish tantrum and all the accusations are BS. So if you really think Sean Murray defrauded you, put your money where your mouth is. If you’re not willing to do that, well then, you’re just a hypocrite, unless you never even bought the game, in which case you’re just a troll.

  • Content gets cut from every game. The difference here is that some fans went insane over every little thing. I think the folks at Hello Games have better things to do than respond to a bunch of irrational crybabies who are upset because they didn’t like their new toy.

  • “You can still call Sean Murray a massive liar.”

    You “can”, but unless you’re willing to put your money where your mouth is, it’s all just bullshit.

  • You realize the article is a joke, right? I mean you don’t seriously think that’s real.

    Angry Joe showed evidence that what Sean Murray said was incorrect. There’s a big difference between being incorrect and being a liar.

    Again, if Sean Murray lied, that would be fraud. I see no lawsuit yet. Until there is, and until the plaintiffs win, all this crying is just a big childish tantrum and all the accusations are BS.

  • Then sue him. Otherwise, STFU.

  • Again, if Sean Murray lied, that would be fraud. I see no lawsuit yet. Until there is, and until the plaintiffs win, all this crying is just a big childish tantrum and all the accusations are BS.

  • You CAN play with your friends. They can be online at the same time as you. You may be able to see each other in the game. We now know that the only time it was tested, the two people were on different servers.Here, with links to the relevant videos and websites) are just a few of the statements Sean Murray made regarding multiplayer over the 3 years the game was in development:

    10 June 2014, “No Man’s Sky isn’t an MMO. You know, it’s actually quite far from an MMO, and we never set out to build that type of game.”

    3 November 2015, “Forget about multiplayer… This is not an MMO, it’s not a game you sit down and play with your friends… You want a deathmatch, No Man’s Sky is not for you.”

    10 March 2016, “Multiplayer for the game, actually, we’ve always said, is kind of not really a big focus… when you talk about multiplayer, I think it just gives people the wrong impression. That’s not what we’re trying to build and it’s not what people should be thinking about going into the game.”

    8 August 2016 (posted to the game’s official website the day before the game shipped), “If you hoped for things like pvp multiplayer… that isn’t what NMS is.”

    And finally, my copy of the game says quite clearly “1 player”, right there on the box. The PS4 digital download came with the same notice, and the Steam site says “Single Player”.

    If, after all that, you bought the game hoping it was an MMO or a traditional multiplayer experience, you are not too bright.

  • The game was sold as a single player game. It said it right on the box and on the digital download webpage. Anyone who ignored that fact is a complete idiot and deserves to lose the money he spent on the game.

  • Where are these YouTube videos? I’ve heard of one meeting, and it later turned out that the two people who met were on different servers.

  • Lots of people like the game. We’re spending most of our free time playing the game, so we don’t see any need to be crying about it.

  • They are all in the game. I’ve seen all of these things.

  • LTOZ

    And advertised with multiplayer aspects, that’s called false advetising, so that equates a lawsuit. Go read a law book.

  • The game HAS multiplayer aspects. It’s an online game, for goodness sake!


    And Sean Murray warned everyone, on MULTIPLE OCCASIONS, not to interpret the online aspects as meaning it was an MMO. For example:

    10 June 2014, “No Man’s Sky isn’t an MMO. You know, it’s actually quite far from an MMO, and we never set out to build that type of game.”

    3 November 2015, “Forget about multiplayer… This is not an MMO, it’s not a game you sit down and play with your friends… You want a deathmatch, No Man’s Sky is not for you.”

    10 March 2016, “Multiplayer for the game, actually, we’ve always said, is kind of not really a big focus… when you talk about multiplayer, I think it just gives people the wrong impression. That’s not what we’re trying to build and it’s not what people should be thinking about going into the game.”

    8 August 2016 (posted to the game’s official website the day before the game shipped), “If you hoped for things like pvp multiplayer… that isn’t what NMS is.”

    And if you make a response, I suspect you’ll just ignore all of that. Because folks like you are still not interested in the facts. You just cherry pick facts that suit your biases. So you’ll trot out the two statements Sean Murray made about meeting people in the game and playing with friends – both of which have always been, as far as we know, possible – as if that’s all the evidence you need. Well, it isn’t.

    The game is EXACTLY as it was always described: it is a single-player game in a persistent online universe in which your discoveries exist for anyone to find, and this represents the game’s multiplayer aspect. Meeting other players can happen, but it is extremely rare, and players going into the game should not expect that experience. All of this is what the game has.

  • Alistair

    Wow You’re late, a lot can happen in 2 months my last post still stands,

    First of I’m smart enough to Not taken to sean lies, not as gullible as some and Didn’t buy the No Man’s at all does that makes me a troll? No a wise smart move.

    & 2 month later the ASA want to ask sean and sony some hard questions, HAHA so we was right it was misleading.

    Now since you kindly commented, i shall tell you what you are, a sean loving shil that was stupidly enough to buy the hype of LIES and bought the game.

    While the rest of us was smart enough Not to buy it, njoy You’re broken misleading game. You sound sore like a sony fanboy.

    Edit: Well the joke on both of us as its kekraptor a funny satire thread.

    But the joke on them too as UK ASA doesn’t think sean and sony funny. lol

  • LOL. I’m responding to people crying about the game, and you think I’m the one who sounds sore? And I’m enjoying the game. So how would that be a loss for me and a win for anyone who didn’t enjoy it?

    And I think it’s really funny that you’re crying and you didn’t even buy the game. And you think that makes you “wise”? That makes you an idiot who mindlessly joins a witch hunt because everyone else is yelling “Burn the witch!”. It makes you an ignorant and thoughtless hypocrite. You’re one of those kinds of people who cheered when witches were hanged in 1692 in Salem, and who cheered Joe McCarthy as he outed “communists” in the 1950s. How does it feel to be in the company of murderers and scoundrels?

    And you’re right – two months is a long time, and a lot can happen. One of the things that can happen in two months is that a lawsuit can be filed. Now if Sean Murray is a fraudster, why hasn’t anyone, out of hundreds of thousands of disappointed players, filed a single lawsuit? Not one lawsuit has been filed over these “utter lies” and this fraud that Sean Murray supposedly committed. Doesn’t that strike you as odd?

    Again, if Sean Murray lied, where is the lawsuit? If there’s no lawsuit, the accusation that he lied is BS.

  • Alistair

    Lame, I not the one who comes on a outdated news article even if it’s a satire thread. The saying the fool with his money parted ways.

    That’s you what so wise of about believing the hype of lies that you said never happen, no lawsuits etc but there was Mass refunds you easily forgot about that.

    I’m wise as not gullible as you are, a broken, misleading doesn’t make a great game. Does this mean i shouldn’t criticism of it.

    I call it a boycott, like i boycott any censored games. And for £50 quid is to much for the broken promises.

    It looks like I’m a winner That saves 50 quid, and ASA only comes when ADs lie.

    I take it You’re not from UK then you Not know shit how ASA Work.

    And you got the gall to lecture me know You’re facts 1st. LOL.

    Nice try though do not try to cry when sean and sony paid a heavy fine you consider them winners, (Losers).

    But please response back with You’re backward post, you like a broken misleading game that could deliver more and failed even that. FACT.

    Edit: Hindsight a great thing If i take the plunge and bought it knowing they‘ve lied then I’m a Idiot, but who the idiot You are.

  • Erm… I got my money’s worth from this game. How does that make me the fool?

    And I came here because some idiots are currently going around the blogs saying that this news article is for real, and that there’s actually a lawsuit.

    But “I’m” the fool. Yeah, right.

  • Alistair

    You the fool that brought the mislead hype btw why sony distance themselves from sean.

    Surely They’re stick together and get though this. Because they even said the game didnt live to it’s hype.

    And That’s funny sean a fool too.

    Edit: nice dodge questions that you decided to cherry pick to counter me. Well i can’t say no more the ball is now in ASA Court.

    ASA could decide not to impose a fine then nothing of value was lost but on the other hand well we shall see.

    Please note at the bottom of what Sony CEO said, sean is on his own.


  • LTOZ

    I never claimed it was an MMO they told us we’d have a chance to run into another player and that’s how we’d know what we look like. Which was a straight lie from day one when people proved you can Be on the same planet without seeing another player. All the trailers had scripted actions that they said aren’t scripted. And creatures and events that’s aren’t even physically possible to happen. It was a scam. I couldnt careless because I played it to death, for free, I’m more pissed off for people who shelled out the $60.

  • Souvik Roy Choudhury

    Damn it. Idiocracy was not a blueprint!

  • I thought it might be good, and for me it is really good. But it’s not a game that most people are going to like. For one thing, you can play for hundreds of hours without shooting anything. Many people don’t respond well to that.

  • Robert Grosso


    Truth be told at this juncture I just simply ignore the whole thing. I’m still playing the game off and on right now, between grading and article writing. So that has to count for something, at least.

  • Scootinfroodie

    That doesn’t really change the reality of the situation though. This game was destined to have a shitshow launch. Sean Murray and Sony’s marketing wing tried to sell the game as more than it was and I really only wish more people had seen that from the start.

    IGN and a number of other media sites then acted as an extension of this problem. Again, some sites hyped the shit out of this game before anyone knew what the actual gameplay would be like

    Game should have just been a small indie release at a small indie price. Would likely have worked out just fine that way, even if it lacks the complexity and interactivity a lot of other survival games have. I think the hate it gets is deserved, at this point, much in the way that Spore gets a lot of justified hatred

  • Firstly, no game developer deserves the level of hate that Hello Games has got. They make games – they don’t run a mafia organization. Anyone would think that Sean Murray had raped a bunch of people. I’ve seen mass murderers get less hate than Sean Murray is getting right now. It’s fricken ludicrous.

    Secondly, how do you know what HG’s overhead on this game was? There is no law that says that if so many people make a game it should be a certain price. Pricing is determined by the cost of making the game plus the profit required. If price is going to be an issue, people should at least make sure the game is what they want it to be before they buy it.

    And as for all this ridiculous drama, what real difference has it made? Nothing is coming from the drama as far as I can see. I don’t see any lawsuits – some folks got the ASA to launch an investigation. Whoop-de-doo. It’s all just hot air. It’ll blow over and the upshot will be that HG and Sony will have made a killing on a game that reached its niche audience. The only losers are the people who bought the game before they had done their research. Let’s all try not to cry too hard for them. Maybe they’ll know better next time.

    I’m just glad the game suits my gaming style. Heck, it’s not even a bad game for $60. I’ve spent the same money on far worse games than this – at least I’m still enjoying this after 2 months – I can’t say that about many other AAA-priced games.

  • Scootinfroodie

    I see the Sean Murray Defense Force has spotted my comment.

    It’s pretty clear that this game was sold to a number of people who weren’t part of the niche you speak of, or this game would have sold far fewer copies. It released in a buggy incomplete state, with many features that the game was advertised as having that weren’t in the final product. Sean Murray could have, at any point, called out cut features but instead he pulled a Molyneux/Pitchforks/Howard and should be viewed with as much suspicion as they are

    Also “I enjoy the game” is a “works fine on my machine” when it comes to false advertising and incredibly shakey releases

  • I’m just a guy who enjoys the game. I’m not part of any “defense force”.

    And if there is false advertising, it will be found by the ASA in the marketing materials. But they won’t find squat. I’ve looked over them – they all present the game as it is. The problem Hello Games is facing is that a lot of people have no conception of what advertising actually is – they seem to think that everything said by a developer in the months and years leading up to a release is “advertising”. But it isn’t “advertising”, nor does it represent “promises”. All it is is intentions, and intentions can change.

    “Promises” are what are made in official promotional materials that appear during the immediate run-up to a game launch. If you think promises are to be found anywhere else, get ready for disappointment and frustration, because you are not living in the real world, and you only have yourself to blame if you think the real world should live up to your fairyland interpretation of what developers have to live up to.

  • Joey Loun

    If you were to actually open your eyes and listen to the dev at ant point b4 the release He promissed and acctually showed during one of the many demos while he was promoting the game you would get your gun and blow your brains out. Hey lady this proves your a idoit watch this and you will commit suicide in no time

  • Scootinfroodie

    A guy who enjoys the game enough to insert himself into multiple separate complaint threads about the game

    Let’s do a quick breakdown. Why was Sean Murray on Colbert and on IGN?
    Oh right to promote a thing
    Okay well let’s look at the definition of “advertisement”
    Oh my it appears to be promoting something in a public space
    How interesting

    So if one of these promotions included false information, one might suggest that such a thing fits the definition of false advertising

    You don’t need a court to determine legal liability, because that’s not the claim I actually made

    Oddly enough, some of these statements were made in a short enough timespan before launch that Mr. Murray would have most certainly known if they’d be in the game or not. Given that his statements so obviously clash with reality, the only way he wouldn’t be considered to be lying is if he was delusional enough to believe that fundamental portions of the game would change in a matter of weeks

    Oh but then he was deliberately misleading on launch too, so we can’t even call him delusional, and box art was sent out saying the game was MP, so it’s a cut feature he seems to have refused to reveal was cut.

    So again, no reason to trust anything he says

    On a more personal note, I expected the game to be pretty much nothing from the start, and that’s what was released, so I’m not personally harmed by the fiasco

  • Duncan Disorderly

    We’re on the precipice of Idiocracy, I reckon. Voting orange Hitler into office will tip the scales. Voting the evil witch into office will delay it for a few years, at best. No matter what, Idiocracy is inevitable if things continue in the direction they’re currently going. You’ll know when the process has reached fruition when Ow My Balls! becomes the number one show on Fox.

  • Politically_Correct_Gamer

    cucklord article.