Image hosting site Imgur has recently undergone an immense shake up in its meme economy due to the changing of its upvote and favorite icon colors, according to experts who are well-informed on the matter.

The forthcoming color changes were hinted at in an update in their mobile app a few weeks ago, which subtly changed the color of the Favorite heart icon to a bluer color. This followed a mechanical change that ensured that favoriting a post would no longer automatically upvote it, dramatically impacting the karma accounts of losers who posted nothing but the same 17 pics of Scarlett Johansson in low-cut dresses on a daily basis.

After initial testing, the color change was deployed to the site as whole with an additional surprise: the color of the upvote arrow had been subtly changed as well. In one stroke, this rendered every single Imgur-specific upvote and favorite GIF completely stale and irrelevant, making these particular memes wholly worthless. Compounding the changes was the fact that the downvote arrow color appears to have remained exactly the same, which has resulted in a minor surge in popularity of the GIFs. Experts expect that Imgur’s downvote GIFs will return to normalcy in early 2017.

“1% of people control 99% of the meme economy,” stated Kevin Parsons, TechRaptor’s Streaming Lead and Senior Meme Expert. “I believe this action will balance out the meme economy for the average citizen who still hasn’t recovered from the Great Meme Recession of 2013. 2% of memes are milked out of the poor’s hands every quarter, and too many regular folks have meme folders that are stocked with practically useless and dated memes that haven’t been relevant to the meme economy since 2009.” Mr. Parsons holds a Master’s Degree in Memenomics and the title of Magna Pun Laude from The Ontario Provincial Clown College of Ontario.

Spongebob Memes

Spongebob Memes are a good indicator of market forces in the meme economy and are prolific on Imgur. They are often bought and sold in large meme trades colloquially referred to as “dumps.”

2016 has been a tumultuous year for the meme economy, best noted by the experts at Reddit’s /r/MemeEconomy community. Their expert analysis has been able to predict the Relative Dankness Index (or RDI) of memes with astonishing accuracy. For example, historically, Spongebob Memes have been a stable commodity worth investing in, but traders were cautious to note that Spongegar (a.k.a. “Caveman Spongebob”) crashed rapidly after a quick rise due to oversaturation in multiple markets, including Twitter and Instagram. Conversely, historical WW2 Spongebob memes have done well, owing largely to the intrinsic value from each successful item along with the inherent difficulty in creating a sufficiently clever image.

Although Imgur users were initially upset at the devaluation of existing upvote and favorite GIFs, it may be the one thing that will shield the community’s meme economy in the coming year. Analysts have predicted that the sheer craziness of 2016 has resorted to people stockpiling, and I quote, “a literal metric butt-ton of memes” in preparation for the new year. Prevailing analysis seems to indicate that the shift in meme production towards new upvote and favorite GIFs would shift enough manufacturing resources to prevent inflation and stabilize Imgur’s meme economy for many months to come.

Have any hot meme investment tips? Which memes do you consider most important to your overall portfolio? What do you think 2017 has in store for the worldwide meme economy? Let us know in the comments below!

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