Overwatch’s Lunar New Year update introduced a number of new skins with names that no one can pronounce, some balancing changes that may or may not have made D.Va unexpectedly fragile, and an entirely new game mode that has made people realize that camping is a legitimate strategy (sometimes). Capture the Rooster, Overwatch’s take on the traditional Capture the Flag gametype that is ubiquitous in almost every game with multiplayer, seems fairly simple, but the fact that some Heroes can travel across the map in a matter of seconds can lead to some disappointing losses. Thankfully, there are some simple steps that you can take to ensure a win in almost every game of Capture the Rooster, some of which can even surprise you.

Of course, the core mechanics of Overwatch still apply in Capture the Rooster, so the first step in ensuring success is to have the right team composition. Given that you (and by extension, the other team) can capture a flag without your own flag being at your base, it is vital that your team establish a strong defense. That means that Heroes that people normally yell at you for picking are actually really helpful, relative to their normal “trash tier” rating at least. In fact, as everyone knows from Battlefield 1, the best offense is just a bunch of guys sitting in a single spot for the duration of the entire game and staring at one place until someone just happens to wander in your line of site, so your ideal team comp must have at least one Widowmaker and one Hanzo. Together, these two Heroes can reveal the location of the enemy team once every dozen or so seconds, because, for some random teammates, the giant glowing flag isn’t an obvious enough indicator of where the opposing team is going; plus they can occasionally get a lucky kill.

Naturally, knowing where the other team is going isn’t good enough, so you must have some way to defend your flag while everyone else is busy getting pushed off the map by Lucio or Pharah. This is where these things called turrets can come in handy. You may be familiar with them in other games like Team Fortress 2, whereby an automated gun can mow down countless enemies without fail; Overwatch’s turrets are not like that. Nonetheless, Torbjorn and Symmetra have seen so little use relative to all the other Heroes in the game that people have apparently forgotten how to counter them (not really, but it’s fun to imagine so). Just plop down a turret in a random spot, get something to eat, and sit back and relax as your turret gets the Play of the Game for barely damaging four enemies while Torbjorn gets annihilated by just about everyone. And being that Symmetra is technically considered a Support Hero, you don’t even need an actual healer; after all, why would you waste a Hero pick on a weak and pathetic healer when the most popular strategy is to completely spread out across every corner of the map?

Fun fact: Blizzard likes money

Lastly, you need Heroes who can capture the flag and return it quickly, because slow, concentrated advances are for nerds. While more well-rounded Heroes like Winston can be a popular pick, who you really need are Heroes like Genji and Tracer. Ideally, they should ignore literally everyone and just bum rush the enemy flag every single chance that they get, regardless of whether or not the other team has set up some kind of defenses, because style points. Eventually, the other team will either get really annoyed at someone trying to steal their flag constantly and leave, or they’ll entrench themselves even further, creating a stalemate the likes of which have never been seen since World War I.

By following such simple yet effective steps, you can almost guarantee a victory against any evenly skilled team, at least if they don’t switch to a balanced team comp like a bunch of “tryhards.” In the off chance that you don’t win, it would probably be in your best interest to drag out the match as long as possible, as doing so will reward you with the maximum amount of XP gain per game, leading to faster level ups and more chances at getting a duplicate seasonal spray or voice line for a Hero that you never use through the Blizzard money-making machine Lunar New Year Loot Boxes.

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