Recently, the TechRaptor team was searching for articles to write up for our readers. There comes a time when we need more than just the same old stuff we put out. Sure, we get excited here when a great new title comes out and we want to stream it, review it, do a walkthrough of it, and so on. However, sometimes we feel like we have something to share that’s exclusive. Something special. That day, dear readers, is today.

We recently were able to get an exclusive interview with an indie developer whose game was recently greenlit on Steam. After stumbling across his game by pure chance, we knew we had to talk to the genius behind it to get some exposure for it. With our interview, we were able to get the lowdown on what makes this game truly the next best game on Steam. So, what do we have to look forward to in this surefire indie classic?

Completely Open-World

“I know what you’re thinking,” the developer said plainly. “‘Open world? Who on earth would try to attempt an open-world? It’s not possible!’ I wanted to change that. You have to start somewhere and I felt an obligation to create the world I had envisioned when I was a kid. I played amazing titles like Metal Gear Solid as a kid, but as an adult replaying it I realized something was missing. The narrative was engaging and the gameplay was fun, but honestly it felt like everything was set in stone, the environments never changed or anything. Looking back, I really wish games like MGS were open-world.”

We can dream...

We can dream …

With this game, the developer promises to bring you the open environment you’ve always dreamed of. The sprawling landscape is yours to conquer or coexist with. Nothing is off-limits, everything is permitted.

Procedurally-Generated Worlds

“Now this, this is the part I’m most excited about,” the developer exclaimed, shifting in his seat a bit with excitement. “This is what truly sets this game apart from anything else. So, our team has this world, right? Well, another game that I truly loved back in the day was X-COM. It was a great series, but something about it kept it from being the top dog of computer games. Every single time I played the game, it was the exact same. No changes in environment or anything! That’s what really inspired me to take on the question of ‘How do we make a game where everyone can have a unique experience?’ We found a way to get around this and it’s gonna be amazing.”

Imagine something like this, but different every time!

Imagine something like this, but different every time!

“What we decided on is what’s called procedural generation. In layman’s terms, it means that the world is created totally at random when you start the game for the first time. No two worlds are the same! That means if a friend joins your server, it’ll be a totally different world than if you join theirs.” This brings us to the next major breakthrough for the developer …

Persistent World Multiplayer

It’s true: not only is the developer promising all these amazing worlds to explore, but you can even do it with your friends! “There will be large servers,” they explain. “Servers where you can have as many people join as you want. It’s gonna be awesome! You can join a group and try to survive in the world or you can become a hardened leader and command a group of people to do your bidding. Whatever you decide to do, it’s doable!”

Not only that, but this isn’t just any multiplayer game. Instead of joining a quick deathmatch, you get to experience the same open world every single time! In what is being called “persistent world multiplayer,” you and your friends can join a server from a large list, and when you’re done playing, you can come back later to find everything exactly as you left it. It’s a continuous adventure!

We're excited to survive with our friends for the first time!

We’re excited to survive with our friends for the first time!

Survival-Focused Gameplay

This isn’t a game for the faint of heart, to be sure. Death lurks around every corner. It isn’t just the zombies and other nasty monsters that are going to be a threat to you. In fact, the biggest threat is going to be other players in the game.

“The world we’re trying to create is a tense one,” explained the developer. “You don’t know who’s friend or enemy. Supplies are scarce and you could be one gunshot away from death at any moment. You have to know when to eat, drink, or apply first aid. Should you rely on your friends in hopes that they don’t stab you in the back, or should you strike out on your own and live off the land as a lone wolf? These are the tough choices we want the player to have to make.” Yikes, sounds intense!

Being a lone wolf puts hair on a man.

Being a lone wolf puts hair on a man.

The World is Your Sandbox

You may be forced to live off the land, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bend things in your favor a bit. With a solid, deep crafting system, the developer promises that you can build just about anything your heart desires. Want to build a grand castle to keep out invaders? How about a nice farm to trade crops with others?

So much customization it'll make your head spin!

So much customization it’ll make your head spin!

“Like I said before, when I say open-world I mean open-world. There isn’t a thing you can’t do in this game, and I’m so excited to get it in the hands of players as soon as possible,” the dev blurted out rapid-fire, clearly impassioned by the work he was doing. I must say, it’s refreshing to see such fire in the eyes of a developer; most major corporations do it for the money, but this indie dev is clearly doing it for the joy of gaming.

Gorgeous Voxel-Based Graphics

“We look at games nowadays and it’s a graphical wasteland,” laments the developer. “Everything is brown and gray. People are so focused on hyper-realism in games that it really starts to take away from what makes gaming fun: the game.

“Because of this, we decided to really push away from the gritty realism that has basically permeated the entirety of the gaming industry. We wanted to go back to what gaming is all about and that gave us an idea for the graphical style. Voxel graphics are the perfect way to capture the essence of the golden age of gaming. Imagine the 2D sprite-based games of old, but in 3D cubes instead. It’s retro and it’s fantastic!”

It takes a truly special mind to be so creative and out of the box.

It takes a truly special mind to be so creative and out of the box.

Optional In-Game Content

In an attempt to get everyone involved, the developer has come up with a genius idea for how to make sure everybody has a good time. Taking into account all skill levels of players, they’ve decided to implement an in-game store where people can pay small amounts of money for boosts in the game.

“Look, we know all gamers are different. Some are gonna grab this game by the balls and conquer it. Others are going to get sniped day in and day out from other players. That’s fine; diversity is what makes the world go ‘round,” the dev stated matter-of-factly. “However, for those who need an edge in order to get started, we have a shop where you can spend a dollar and get a full heal, for instance. Or if you spend a couple bucks, you can get a nice assault rifle.” Sounds pretty innovative to me!

It's nice to see developers that care about innovation more than their bank accounts.

It’s nice to see developers that care about innovation more than their bank accounts.

So, can you see why we’re hyped? I haven’t even gotten to play the game yet and I’m already thinking it’s an obvious GotY contender! I know that most of you can’t wait to play it, so I’m ecstatic to let you know that it was greenlit! It’s happening!

Even though it’s been greenlit, when can we expect to have it in our Steam libraries? “I’m glad you asked,” the dev commented, beaming with pride. “We’re happy to announce that the game will be going into Steam Early Access next week! It’s going to be a bit of a stretch ahead of  us but we really want to get user input on the game. After all, the best bug-testers aren’t the ones sitting in an office all day for a job, they’re the people who play these games for fun—the ones who are passionate about the industry.”

So, you heard it here, folks: the hottest, most innovative and unique game to release in the last decade is hitting Early Access next week. If you buy it in Early Access, you’ll save $2 off the price of the game! So get out there and get ready to experience a whole new style of game that’s truly unique and groundbreaking in every sense of the word!



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