ID Software shocked the world when they released an open beta for Halo 6 on April 14th, marking the first time the treasured series saw a PC release in nearly twelve years. Known for games such as Doom, Wolfenstein, and Quake, ID is the master of fast-paced FPS titles. Thankfully, series fans have no need to fret, they’ve toned down their trademark crazy gameplay to more accurately match the slow, clunky, and drab nature of the more recent Halo entires.

Halo 6 focuses on a new Spartan named “Doomguy,” a burly space-faring super soldier fighting against the legions of Hell. While he may not be as talkative as the Master Chief, his overdesigned armor fits right at home in the world of garbage armor designs seen in 343’s latest Halo titles.

The sort of iconic

While the setting may have drastically changed, Halo 6 is still easily identifiable as Halo as you know and love it. Everything from Halo—from the sluggish movement speed to the flat narrator announcing your kill—is perfectly intact. You can also equip iconic Halo weapons, such as the assault rifle or rocket launcher, in your pre-match loadouts, as well as new weapons, such as the double-barreled Super Shotgun. Don’t fret! They’re just as boring, weightless, and slow as you would expect from a recent Halo title!

The beta has been very well-received by Halo fans and for good reason! Some may be burned that there’s a lack of mod support besides the series staple Forge Mode, now curiously titled “Snap Map,” but Halo‘s never been well-known for an active modding scene in the first place. As the May 13th release date edges closer and closer, excitement for ID’s new Halo from series veterans and newcomers alike is at an all time high.

On a side note, there is still no word on the upcoming Doom 4.

Perry Ruhland

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