Fans of Far Cry 5, Ubisoft’s latest and perhaps greatest open world controversy bait simulator, may be happy to hear that the game will be receiving some extra content to supplement the previously announced Season Pass DLC. According to Ubisoft, fan feedback is of the utmost importance to them and as such, a Game of the Year edition of Far Cry 5 is being developed with such feedback in mind. With many highly requested features, Far Cry 5: GOTY promises to give players “the ultimate Far Cry 5 experience” by the end of 2018. Players who already own a copy of Far Cry 5 can upgrade to the GOTY version for the low, low price of $3.50.

Given that Boomer, Far Cry 5’s Good Boy, plays a huge part in the story, it seemed natural that Ubisoft decided to expand on his character arc. In Far Cry 5: GOTY you will be able to embark on a brand new thee-part quest to unlock some additional abilities for Boomer. According to Ubisoft, “the throats of crazy cultists make for bad dog food,” and it’s your job as a responsible human to find some treats for everyone’s favorite game dog since Fallout 4’s Dogmeat. Along the way, you might find some “super-cute” outfits, special kibbles to give Boomer temporary bonuses, and a nice little portable tub for bath time. Raise Boomer’s new “Pupper” meter enough and you will be able to give him belly rubs whenever you want and teach him tricks like “take an adorable dog-selfie and post it on social media for a million fake internet points.” Eventually, he may, if he really likes you, decide to actually sit in your vehicle as an actual dog would.

If you like how Far Cry 5 has an interesting and thought-provoking story that alludes to the dormant problems of the ugliest parts of American society, then you will love Far Cry 5: GOTY’s new set of story missions that take place before the events of main game. Referred to as the “American Dream” sequence, the player will have to navigate the perils of student debt and fight a job market where even the most basic entry level jobs require at least one to three years of prior experience. There will also be puzzles where you can try to figure out the mystery behind avocado toast. Plus, because the main game’s capture and hallucination sequences are so seamlessly integrated into the gameplay flow, most of the “American Dream” sequence will be just that: a dream.

far cry 5 murica

If this image of Far Cry 5 makes you sexually aroused, then just wait until you see Far Cry 5: GOTY’s stunt jump activities

Curiously enough, Ubisoft also decided to double down on what some may argue to be the source of Far Cry 5’s rise to fame. For the first time in gaming history, Far Cry 5: GOTY will be a full-fledged attempt to shove a particular political message into peoples’ faces instead of merely being a game that revolves around an interesting topic. To that end, Ubisoft will partner with as many amazing websites as possible (most notably one whose name refers to shapes) to ensure that Far Cry 5: GOTY’s extra content will be as wildly baseless as can be. This will include bonus commentary that covers only the most tremendous and relevant topics in gaming like gender pronouns and how to make it seem like a particular religion is constantly being attacked even though it is one of the most accepted religions of Western society. As a form of insurance, Ubisoft states that they will work hard to ensure that the game will exist in a phantom hamfist zone whereby it is simultaneously too political and not political enough.

Needless to say, Far Cry 5: GOTY may very well live up to its name and blow the competition out of the water during the holidays. Considering how Ubisoft practically specializes in open world games, this should come as no great surprise. However, the real question is now “Where will the Far Cry franchise go?” After its forays into America, tropical islands, and the neon infused present, the sky is the limit for Ubisoft and the Far Cry brand.

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