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If you have ever wanted to see an indie video game developer commit PR suicide, then 2016 is your lucky year. In what appears to be an attempt to outdo Hello Games and their No Man’s Sky debacle, indie developer Digital Homicide has filed a personal injury lawsuit against 100 people on Steam for writing negative reviews and comments about their various games. As the 100 people listed in the lawsuit are identified only by their Steam usernames, Digital Homicide has also subpoenaed Valve, the company behind Steam, for the actual names of the 100 people that they are suing.

As if that wasn’t enough, Digital Homicide is allegedly considering another lawsuit directly against Valve in an attempt to create a digital “safe space” for developers on Steam. This effectively means that on top of the $18 million that Digital Homicide is seeking in damages in their original lawsuit against the 100 Jane and John Does, Digital Homicide wants Valve to create an environment on Steam where developers are safe from things like “harassment, verbal and written assault, libel, and slander.” Mr. Bob Lawsuitsfeedmyfamily, a retired legal advisor that specializes in the study of frivolous lawsuits, stated that the two cases will likely “force Digital Homicide to change their company’s name to Digital Suicide.” Even in a best case scenario where Digital Homicide somehow wins their lawsuits against Valve, “they will likely be ridiculed and hated for as long as the Internet can remember” Lawsuitsfeedmyfamily said.

Concept art of what Valve's new Steam Safe-Space, designed specifically for Digital Homicide

Concept art of Valve’s new Steam Safe-Space, designed specifically for Digital Homicide.

While other developers have remained quiet on the situation, it is likely that they will try and ignore Digital Homicide as much as possible. After all, it doesn’t do any good to butt heads with a company that practically has a monopoly on the distribution of digital PC games (by trying to get them to potentially expose the private information of their clientele no less) because even if you win the lawsuit, you will lose the cultural battle. The rest of the Internet (Steam users in particular) on the other hand have opted for a more proactive response to Digital Homicide’s lawsuits, with no shortage of users claiming that they have set up a safe space for the indie developers in “[Digital Homicide’s founders’] mom’s basement.”

One such user, who goes by the Steam username of XxX69DankWeedSmoke420BlazeXxX, eloquently stated “If they didn’t want to see all these negative comments and reviews, maybe they should’ve made better games. Or they could just, you know, not be on the Internet, or better yet, not sue everyone on the planet.” She continued, “I mean, I’ve never even heard of them or seen their games before their lawsuits, but now that the word is getting around, all I can think of whenever someone mentions them is ‘With a name like Digital Homicide, they must be a bunch of super edgy pre-teens who just need to accept that not everyone will like them for who they are.'”

Anson Chan

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You ever wonder why we're here? It's one of life's greatest mysteries, isn't it? Good thing games exist so that we don't have to think about it. Or at least I don't have to think about it. Instead, I'll just play Halo or something.

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  • Onyara O

    Can we have a source for that? Where did you find that DigiHom is considering suing Valve and all this about “safe space”? I’m just curious to know where it comes from.

  • Shaun Joy
  • marvelator

    *Sarcasm engaged*
    Oh, go ahead, DigiHom, sue one of the biggest corporations in gaming because some people didn’t like the shit you produce. I’m sure it’ll go really, really well for you.
    *Sarcasm disengaged*

  • Onyara O

    Oh so it’s bullshit. Ok thanks.

  • Ammit-Chan

    Are you sure this is the product of an ancient egyptian darkness and dawn-primordial in form of a human with frog-head?
    Since this would fit perfectly!

  • LMGamer.

    You got me. I fell for it and thought they were trying to do it just from all the bat shit crazy stuff they have done in the pass.

    Thanks for the chuckle though 🙂

  • 😉

  • FlamingoJet

    You have got to be kidding me…

  • Donwel

    You fucking got me again you bastard

  • My Opinion

    Why I don’t play Valve’s own games anymore,

  • WhiteNut

    btw, it now looks like Digihom will actually be taking legal action against valve themselves.

  • Gargie

    I always miss the “Kek” part…Shit has gotten so stupid lately that most of these can be easily believable.

  • SomeCollegeStudent

    They are kidding you. At least the authors anyways.

  • John27

    I was wondering how long it would take before SJW lunatics tried to ruin Steam. If they want a safe space they can release their crummy games to Valkenburg & Flynt’s computers.

  • JonnyDoLake

    It’s actually happening:


    It’s all fun and games, *until* *it* *really* *happens*.

  • FlamingoJet

    KekRaptor isn’t fake though.

    It’s satirical based on real life events and news.

  • SomeCollegeStudent

    Isn’t this fake though? Digital Homicide didn’t actually try making a “safe space.”
    Let me put it another way. Are stories based on real events real or fake? I believe that they are fake, because they contain only part fact/truth while the rest of it is made up. To be real something can’t be based on reality, it actually has to be reality.
    Edit: And Digital Homicide is now actually suing Steam… what even…

  • FlamingoJet

    That’s the satirical bit. They are suing Valve cause they won’t give them the names and de-listed them because negative reviews, aka they want a safe space.