If you took part in Overwatch’s incredibly popular open beta period, then you may be familiar with Bastion and Torbjorn: two defensive characters that are effectively very powerful turrets whose sole role is to block off a chokepoint through superior firepower. You may also be familiar with how relatively easy it is to perform well with them, with people mocking how Torbjorn usually gets Play of the Game highlights when he is dead or staring at a wall while his turret wipes out the other team or how a Bastion player simply has to hold down the trigger for a quick and easy bunch of kills.

Of course, that is a bit of an oversimplification of the rock-paper-scissors balancing that Overwatch’s characters have. After all, Widowmaker, Hanzo, and Junkrat are hard counters to both Bastion and Torbjorn, and Genji is a direct counter to Bastion at close range, but that doesn’t prevent people from claiming that Bastion and Torbjorn are overpowered. Fortunately, Blizzard has seen your complaints, and promises to adjust these characters before Overwatch releases on May 24th. First and foremost, their abilities are being reworked to promote more active gameplay, especially in the case of Bastion.

“We originally intended for Bastion to be a very weak character when he is out of his Sentry Mode, but incredibly powerful when he finds a good defensive position, hence his name,” said an anonymous Blizzard employee. “But in his current state, he is simply too good, and not just in defensive positions. With all the feedback that we are getting from the open beta, it is clear that Bastion simply performs too well against teams that refuse to switch characters to counter him.” To that end, Bastion will no longer have a minigun when he is in Sentry Mode. Instead, his Sentry and Tank Mode weapons are being switched, which will “hopefully make it so that when Bastion gets Play of the Game in Sentry Mode now, you realize that the player had to go through the effort of pressing the fire button multiple times.”

Bastion will also regain his shield because "camping is a legitimate strategy"

Bastion will also regain his shield because “camping is a legitimate strategy.”

Similarly, Torbjorn is no longer going to be the “Instant EZ mode” character that most unorganized teams view him as. “Disregarding how Hanzo, Widowmaker, Junkrat, and even Pharah can conceivably destroy Torbjorn’s turrets in relative safety, we felt that Torbjorn simply has too much firepower at his disposal, especially if the Torbjorn player is smart and actually uses his primary weapon to contribute to his team’s firepower rather than sitting around and hammering away at his turret the whole game,” said another anonymous Blizzard developer. To that end, Torbjorn will receive a drastically different set of abilities once Overwatch comes out. He will only be equipped with his hammer, and his turrets can only reach level one, but he will be able to build giant walls. “Judging by how most people used Mei’s ice walls in the beta, this will enable Torbjorn to be an equal opportunity annoyance to both teams.”

Not pictured: Torbjorn making a larger, even more annoying wall to hold up the camera for this screenshot

Not pictured: Torbjorn making a larger, even more annoying wall to hold up the camera for this screenshot

However, such proposed changes have been met with some scrutiny from players on both sides of the issue. Comments like “Couldn’t they just make it so that Bastion is less accurate or has less range or some kind of delay before firing or make it so that Torbjorn’s turrets are weaker or have a small lock-on timer before firing?” and “These changes aren’t enough. I want to be a Widowmaker main but without the responsibilities of turret and Bastion hunting” have popped up in response to the upcoming tweaks, leaving many to question whether or not such characters are actually OP or if it is simply a matter of “git gud.”

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