With a sniper rifle that heals teammates, grenades that boost the healing of teammates, and abilities that can either debuff or enhance the potency of enemies and teammates respectively, Overwatch’s Ana is clearly designed for long range healing. Recently, Blizzard decided that Ana is not a strong enough healer to compete with the other healers in Overwatch, so they increased her sniper rifle’s magazine size and rate of fire by 20%. In theory, this would make her the best healer in the game, assuming that you are a robot and can hit 100% of your shots at the maximum rate of fire.

However, Blizzard’s playtesters have discovered that Ana is still not competitive enough to fit with how most of Overwatch’s audience play her (or rather, the random people who are on your team), so they have proposed a complete rework of Ana and her abilities. While such changes are merely in the conceptual stage, it is anticipated that they will be implemented “soon.” Needless to say, if such changes are implemented, “Ana mains” and people who insta-lock Ana regardless of the map, team compositions, or their own skill will be very pleased.

At the speed of a geriatric!

The first of these proposed changes involves buffing Ana’s mobility. “We found that because the vast majority of characters in Overwatch are either really fast, really short, or are used to fight people at their spawn (because that’s such a good idea), Ana has a hard time maintaining Line of Sight with such characters to heal them,” said an anonymous playtester. “As such, we want to give Ana an ability (which replaces her Sleep Dart ability) that lets her move quickly to elevated positions, such as a grabbing hook on a tether ability.” If implemented, such an ability would let Ana move quickly from rooftop to rooftop or escape as needed, much like Marvel’s Spiderman. In addition, by letting Ana access the more elevated portions of Overwatch’s maps, it is anticipated that it would make it easier to see and heal teammates. 

Concept art of Ana’s new automatic rifle ability in action

The lethality of a plate of cookies!

In a super secret Overwatch  survey that was sent to those who always insta-locked Ana first (especially those who exclusively use her Shrike skin), it was found that self-purported “Ana mains” claimed that Ana’s sniper rifle did an unsatisfactory amount of damage. Upon further investigation, Blizzard came to the realization that it is a bit strange that a cowboy with a revolver used to be able to do more damage than Ana at very long range, so they have decided to modify Ana’s sniper rifle to be more deadly. The first tweak involves reworking Ana’s scoped damage so that it is competitive at long range. To do so, Blizzard has decided to implement a mechanic whereby Ana’s rifle charges up while scoped in, dealing up to 120 damage when fully charged. To further appease those who claim that Ana is capable of doing a lot of damage at close range due to her ability to do “sick quick scopes bruh,” Blizzard will implement a mechanic whereby if Ana is not utilizing her sniper rifle’s scope, it becomes a fully automatic rifle that is similar to Soldier 76’s main weapon. To balance Ana’s newfound damage dealing properties, her rifle can no longer heal teammates.

The ability to nag at everyone!

Unfortunately, as interesting as Ana’s Biotic Grenade ability may be, it was found that it was being used in an offensive capacity more than anticipated. To that end, it will be reworked so that instead of simply being a jack of all trades ability, it will be much more lethal than before. Biotic Grenade will no longer merely prevent an enemy from healing and it can no longer boost the healing abilities of teammates, but it will be able to be used as a mine that can poison enemies, dealing damage over time and discouraging flanking attacks. Furthermore, as a lot of “Ana mains” were complaining about how “the guy I Nano-boosted just ran in there and died” or “no one picks a character that is good for Nano-boosting,” Ana’s ultimate ability will be reworked so that it benefits the entire team by highlighting the locations of enemies no matter where they are on the map. 

A sneak peak at Ana's new ultimate ability

A sneak peak at Ana’s new ultimate ability

Once Ana’s tweaks are implemented (with an anticipated release date of “soon”), Blizzard hopes that those who pick Ana simply because she looks like “a super cool sniper lady” and don’t read what her abilities are used for will be able to play as Ana in a manner that befits her appearance. Furthermore, it is hoped that this will encourage more people to play as primary healers more often as Ana’s healing abilities are being nerfed into the ground. Unfortunately, Ana will be given a new name in Overwatch’s character selection screen to reflect her new abilities. To be fair though, it is rumored that it will be a “super cool” name like “Maker of Widows.”

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