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In what feels like a sudden transport back to gaming’s infancy, Doom mastermind John Romero announced via Twitter that he has made the first Doom level in over 21 years. This new level is available as a free download from Romero’s Dropbox account and is completely written in DOOM1.WAD, which was also used for the original shareware version of Doom.

After exiting the Computer Station you knew the worst was up ahead. You still hadn’t reached the place where the demons were coming from. The steel door shuts behind you as you realise you’re there; you’re at the Phobos Anomaly. Cracks from hell are all over the place as seepage from the portal invades the entire installation. Now it’s time to find the portal and stop the demons from coming through. You know UAC had hundreds of scientists working at a high-tech lab somewhere in this area, and the portal must be connected to it somehow. Time to lock and load. 

Whether this is a prelude to something else remains to be seen, but it would be surprising if Romero decided to just make a new level for fun, especially so long after the game came out. If you want to check out the new level, you can download it here. The link has been down on a few occasions, likely due to the high traffic that the release has brought onto Dropbox’s servers. In case the link continues to give people an error and Romero decides to upload the level to a different service we’ll make sure to update this post with the new link!

Quick Take

It’s pretty cool that Romero is doing this, and it isn’t hard to (hopefully) imagine that this may lead to something more. 

Are you going to try out Romero new Doom level? What would you like to hear this is a prelude to? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Chris Anderson

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  • Morbid Complex

    This make me happier than i can possibly express. I feel genuine joy and wonder again.

  • Joseph Fanning

    After all these years, he’s finally come through and made all of us his bitches.

  • Galbador

    So many wonderful weekends with Doom and Wolfenstein. Gosh, time goes so damn fast… I was 10 when I played those games the first time and it was glorious!!

  • Sebastian Mikulec

    I guess we’ll have to suck this level down.

  • Serathis

    A pretty great level! Especially with project brutality!

  • Zanard Bell

    21 years is a long time to be bearing grudges. Thank you, Mr. Romero.

  • Dindu Nuffin

    Romero will forever be the figurehead for PR-induced backlash. Undeserved in my opinion since it fails to take into account his contributions to the industry. But he’s the go-to fall guy for industry excess.

    It’s time to accept the fact that he was a young guy, suddenly thrust into a champagne lifestyle and celebrity status. Sounds obvious now that he’d crash out, but back then it was “new” enough to be different.

    Time to cut the guy a break.

  • A warm up for what? Is he secretly making the real Doom sequel in his garage?