Jettomero: Hero of the Universe

Jettomero battles with massive monsters, explores strange and unknown solar systems and destroys quite a few cities, all in a quest to save humanity. The second game from Ghost Time Games and first to be released on home PCs, Jettomero is a stylish adventure game that takes after some of the best comic books for its inspiration. After waking up alone and lacking any memories, Jettomero sets out across the universe, aiming to defeat evil wherever it is found on highly stylized planets, all in a very misguided attempt to be a hero.

Along the way, he’ll clumsily crash into moons, comets, level volcanoes, and leave a massive trail of destruction in his wake. The universe may be a safer place, if only because he’s crushed every extra-solar object in his way. Jettomero smashes up quite a few biological weapons along the way, by engaging in a brief laser tug-of-war, before vaporizing his foes. By solving puzzles, Jettomero unlocks further memories hidden away inside his brain, slowly coming to terms with and understanding the fate of mankind as it stands now.

Backed by music also created by solitary developer Gabriel Koenig, Jettomero asks us to ponder the fate of a lonely, stumbling robot against a sleek art style and a cosmic blend of influences. Instead of ruminating on the grandiose, Jettomero instead focuses on creating a fun, unique experience. Gabriel’s atmospheric music combines with the whimsical tone and visuals to create a memorable game in the end. Jettomero certainly has his heart in the right place, even as his legs rarely follow suit.

8 Great


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Release Date

September 17th, 2017


Ghost Time Games


Ghost Time Games




Xbox One




One Time Purchase


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