Earlier this week, TechRaptor staff reported on Pokevision, a third-party Pokémon GO application for the massively popular Niantic game that allows players to track and locate Pokémon in real time. This application allows players the ability to better plan their catching trips, with the unfortunate caveat that it doesn’t work with Pokémon generated from Incense or Lure Modules.

However, as of today, July 23, 2016, a new application has entered early alpha and will allow players the ability to track the status of Lure Modules.

IsLureModuleActive.com is a project from German developer Robert Fischer, who decided that because all players can make use of Lure Modules when they are active, it would be nice to be informed when a Lure Module is active at nearby PokéStops. Players can register PokéStops, which are then checked to see if Lure Modules are active, as seen in the below screenshot.

Pokémon GO Niantic Is Lure Module Active Screenshot

The big advantage IsLureModuleActive may have over Pokevision is the ability for players to choose to receive notifications when a Lure Module is active; currently, these notifications are through email, but Fischer has plans to add further notification support through Messenger services like WhatsApp. This means players don’t have to have the application actively opened to make full use of it. Fischer also plans to add notifications for when a player sets a new Lure Module, and group notifications (which is handy if you want to stay ahead of rival teams).

As IsLureModuleActive is in early alpha development, Fischer is looking for feedback from players to improve on his application, with promises to work on the code 24/7 if there is a large enough interest.

The release of IsLureModuleActive follows recent news from Niantic that they will not be accepting new applications for PokéStops and Pokémon Gyms for the time being.

Stay tuned to TechRaptor for continuing coverage of IsLureModuleActive and other third-party Pokémon GO applications.

What are your thoughts on IsLureModuleActive, and do you see it being a useful tool in your Pokémon GO playing experience? Let us know in the comment section below.

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