Craig Federighi came back on stage after his debut with the new Mac OS, Yosemite, to show off the new features of iOS 8.

First off, it seems as though most of the basic functions of the new iOS will be able to be quickly accessed through the iPhone’s drop-down notification center. With the ability to instant respond to texts, Facebook tags, “likes”, etc., the new iOS looks to make things even simpler on your iPhone.

In the next part of the presentation, iOS will now be able to speak up your “style” when it comes to typing or texting to different groups of people. The new update in predictive texting will help you decide on how your “language” should be portrayed in the conversation.


When it comes to Group Messaging, you will now be able to share your location, set a “Do Not Disturb” function, and will now give you the ability to leave a thread. Now while in group messaging, when sharing your location to a group thread, you can now see a map that will reveal their exact location. Just simply hit the details button in the top right of the message and you can easily reach them, as long as they share their location with you.

Fan of HeyTell or other audio message apps? You can now record an audio message within the text. This gives you the ability to keep texting with voice capability. Hands free calling, meet voice audio texts.

iOS Health

Apple is also pushing iOS 8 into the realm of health and medical information. With a new “Health Center,” Apple is pushing for one centralized location where you can get all of your health apps, information, etc., instead of having to search within several different silos. With ideas of being able to log your information, think blood sugar levels for a diabetic, and have it linked to send straight to your health care professional in case they need to have constant observation without being in the same room.

iOS Family Sharing

Looking for a way to keep up with everyone within your family? The new Family Sharing function will allow you to share books, photos, movies, music, and location all within a six person limit of your “family.” With this function, you can take a picture and it will share it to everyone within your shared family, similar to the iCloud function. You will also be able to find locations on a map, and there is also an option to find lost devices. A sure favorite for parents, with Family Sharing, you can now have your device prompted if a child is attempting a purchase.

When it comes to iCloud, affordable storage was a favorite among developers present. With tiers up to 1TB of cloud storage, Apple also showed off it’s other packages. With 5gb of cloud storage free to it’s users, Apple will also offer 20gb for $0.99/month and 200GB of iCloud storage for $3.99/month.

With many more features to be discovered, Apple has said this should be available in the “Fall” around the same time that the new iPhone should be released.







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