When we started TechRaptor, it was on a hosting package that a friend allowed us to use. We migrated to Inmotion Hosting about two months later, at the recommendation of a friend. We had both good and bad experiences (mainly due to growth), but to any blogger starting out that won’t be heavily using the email, ftp, and web services – Inmotion’s Business plans are an affordable way to get started out.


Hosting is a tricky thing, and it all depends upon what exactly you are looking for. For TechRaptor, we were looking for a service that gave us Email, FTP, Storage, and WordPress capabilties. Inmotion’s “Power” plan, for its price, is an excellent deal that will really benefit small sites (for larger sites, see my other recommendations below).


Depending on the hosting plan that you choose, you’ll be able to potentially host multiple sites/domains, and have access to free email accounts (as many and as large as you want) via POP3 or IMAP connections. In the end, you’ll save money until your site can grow to one of Inmotion’s larger plans.


Support is incredibly fast, answering the phone in mere minutes, and chat support even faster! Both teams are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable – whether the topic is WordPress, Email, or any other service that is offered. It’s included in the price of your hosting, and it’s completely hassle free!


TechRaptor ran into issues once we reached a consistent 30,000 views a month. For whatever reason, whether because we have a bunch of writers that access the site, or because our plan wasn’t built for large amounts of traffic, our CPU usage would skyrocket – sometimes forcing Inmotion to shut us down. Now, this isn’t their fault, mainly because we needed a configuration that fit our size.


We’ve since moved to another hosting company, but for sites that are growing fast and getting some large views, the next step that should be looked at is VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting. VPS hosting gives you more resources to work with in order to get better speed and support larger number of readers/visitors. Had we stuck with Inmotion (We didn’t only because we configured a fully custom Linux/Nginx server), we would have moved on to this model and likely stuck with it until we needed a Dedicated Server.


We can’t tell you which plan is best for you. If you’re running a news site or a blog that you plan on getting large amounts of traffic on, then I can guarantee that you will outgrow the business hosting. If you’re hosting a static business website, the business plans will be perfect for you.


Overall, the experiences that we had with Inmotion Hosting were 100% positive. Our frustration came into play once we grew too large for our plan, and that’s the only thing we will caution people on. Personally, I’ve set up a number of business sites on their hosting for clients, and none of them have had any issues whatsoever. If you’re looking for quality hosting at a good price, Inmotion Hosting is the way to go!




If you're looking for quality hosting at a good price, Inmotion Hosting is the way to go!

Rutledge Daugette

Founder & CEO

Founder of TechRaptor with a love of video games (B.S. in Game Programming) and technology. Started TechRaptor to create a place where people could come for quality content.