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Tetran-cowall-215x300 Imperial Domination: Tetran CowallWith the two royal guards out of the way, we now move on to our first Saber Squadron pilot.  The Saber Squadron is a group of interceptors identified by the distinct red strip across the side of the wings.  The first pilot we will discuss is actually not  a member of the elite squadron.  Tetran Cowall is a name I’d never heard before buying Imperial Aces.  Cowall was a tightrope walker in his youth.  When he grew older and work was harder to come by, a warlord named Zsinji employed him to pose as Baron Soontir Fel in an attempt to draw the attention of Wedge Antilles.

What he does

Thus ends his participation in the extended universe.  In X-Wing, however, he has plenty of time left make a name for himself.  His Pilot skill is a healthy seven and his ability gives you the chance to change up his movement after you seen a bit of the enemies move, unless they run the lower skill pilots.  It also gives him the opportunity to turn on a dime.  Be prepared to surprise your enemy early with how quickly you’ll be on their tail.  The name of the game is flank and back stab.  If you can manage his stress, he can be very hard to shake.  Cowall is a great candidate for adrenaline rush.  Naturally, I’ve not included it in any of my lists.

First Strike (99):  Take the initiative

  • Soontir Fel (27)
  • Push the Limit (2)
  • Turr Phennir (25)
  • Veteran Instincts (1)
  • Tetran Cowall (24)
  • Veteran Instincts (1)
  • Howlrunner (18)
  • Veteran Instincts (1)

First thing is first, this is an expensive list.  I know this, but I can dream.  To run this list you would need to buy three of the slave one expansions, Imperial Aces, and two interceptor expansions.  That is $150 of models.  If you have the money to shell out, this list should always go first.  Having Howlrunner in the mix and getting the alpha strike with three interceptors should put you one to two ships ahead the first time you shoot.  By really keeping your movement coordinated this list can tear up a lot of lists.  Beware the larger ships.  Closing the gap can put you in a lot of danger if you fail to put them down in the alpha strike.

Interceptor_cover_XW_MG-300x189 Imperial Domination: Tetran CowallKick em’ when they’re down (100): Cripple the enemy

  • Tetran Cowall (24)
  • Outmaneuver (3)
  • Stealth Device (3)
  • Royal Guard Pilot (22)
  • Outmaneuver (3)
  • Stealth Device (3)
  • Krassis Trelix (36)
  • Ion Cannon (3)
  • Rebel Captive (3)

This goal here is to isolate one ship and focus fire.  The two interceptors are more than maneuverable enough to converge on a weakened enemy.  Use the Firespray’s ion cannon to pin down a ship and keep it there.  The best targets will be ones that attack the Firespray and give themselves a stress token.  Try and keep Trelix at range three.  He gets an extra deffense dice and it doesn’t hurt his ion cannon.  Keep in mind the rebel captive proks on attacks, not just hits.  With an ion token and a stress token you’ll keep them slow and stop their actions.  Keep the two interceptors in the back arcs and they should be able to dish out a lot of damage.  It will be hard to pin down the larger ships with this list, so save them for last or blow them up early.  I’d only recommend the early assault if you are really feeling aggressive.  Just move like a lion pack and target the weak ones first.

Arms Length (99): Keep away

  • Rexler Brath (37)
  • Stealth Device (3)
  • Outmaneuver (3)
  • Heavy Laser Cannon (7)
  • Tetran Cowall (24)
  • Predator (3)
  • Royal Guard Tie (0)
  • Shield Upgrade (4)
  • Hull Upgrade (3)
  • Winged Gundark (15)

heavylasercannon Imperial Domination: Tetran CowallIn this list, Cowall is tanky and strong.  The idea here is to keep Brath at range three as much as you can.  The laser cannon doesn’t have to worry about the defense bonus.  The best part is, after the cannon forces you to change all your crits to regular hits, you can spend a focus and flip them right back.  If you get the chance to use outmaneuver then all the better.  While Brath is doing his thing, Cowall and Gundark use there speed to keep the enemy away from the defender.  Keeping them right at your enemies face should force them to try to stop the two faster ties, all while being bombarded from a distance.  Even larger ships will struggle against this combo as Brath can really dish out the crits.

How to Stop Him

The problem with Cowall is that he is still an interceptor.  If you get cuaght out in a bad position, you can get one shot fairly easily.  There are plenty of ways to dish out secondary damage now and it only takes three chips to bring this guy down.  Also, Cowall is particularly prone to stress giving attacks.  His ability requires you to make a red maneuver.  If you can stop him from being able to do that, you turn him into just an interceptor with a seven pilot skill.  To beat him, just try to keep in mind how versatile his turns are.  Be prepared and wrap him up.


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