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IMO: R.B.I Baseball 2014

JR Moore / April 14, 2014 at 8:00 AM / Gaming, Gaming Opinions

When I was little I owned the good olde NES. RBI Baseball was one of the first games I bought with my own hard earned money. It was great to play it. Like most games then, it wasn’t crazy hard and my friends all talked baseball back then. Me not knowing anything at all was able to keep up because of the game.

RBI14_4-944x530 IMO: R.B.I Baseball 2014When I heard they were going to try and remake it, I was scared. Like many things from my childhood remade, I hope they weren’t going to screw it up. I could see them thinking they need to make it more realistic. Make it feel like a true baseball game. You know, the ones that I cringe at now a days. I started to cry thinking at the thought that maybe they were going to add something hideous to it, like a strike zone.


I’m so glad that I was so wrong.


RBI14_2-944x530 IMO: R.B.I Baseball 2014The game just upgraded to include the 2014 roster names and gone are the little sausage guys that looked like Mario’s chunky cousin. But welcome back the gameplay of yesteryear! I didn’t have to worry about where my analog stick was pointing when I swung at every pitch. Yes, every pitch, like God intended. It didn’t require to to figure out which 13 button combination it took to throw a fast ball. It’s grassroots controls here. Just like the original. Wanna throw to first? Press the right arrow and press A. Home? Down and A. Its awesome.

If you ever played the original,  then you already know how to play. I was damn near giggling when I opened the settings and the controls had all of 2 words or less for the instructions for the buttons. After my panic attack it was just like I sat down on the floor in front of the giant 32 inch TV set that took up a good 4 square feet of the living room, forgoing my turn of watching my favorite Nickelodeon show so that I can get in a game before dinner.

I only played the demo (thus why this isn’t a full review) on the 360 but it’s very tempting to throw a $20 at it relive my youth with a very simple baseball game. It will deter the MLB *pick your year* here fans, and I couldn’t care less. It’s simple baseball, and it’s awesome!

RBI Baseball 2014 is out now for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and iOS devices. PS4, Xbox One, and Android are due out this Spring.

JR Moore

JR Moore is the Former Chief Editor at TechRaptor. When he's not living life, he's connected to an Xbox, a phone or tablet checking out the latest and greatest.

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