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The Mind of Micah C has (finally) returned from hiatus! I want to apologize for the delay. Between two weeks of sickness and a busy work schedule, it’s been difficult to find time to edit any video. Luckily, I’ve adjusted my personal schedule and hopefully we can get things rolling on a much more regular basis. With that said, in this video I wanted to talk about five games that I felt were must-own games of 2014. Though I don’t think this past year was the strongest that I’ve seen, there were still some memorable titles that I’ll probably be talking about for years to come.

If you don’t agree with some of my choices, I do apologize. I’m not much of a console player at this point, so games like Bayonetta 2, Dark Souls 2, and others went under my radar, or I didn’t have much of an interest. I even have to confess that I just don’t want to play Dark Souls. So, I would still like to hear choices from you Raptor readers in the comments! Also, feedback is always welcome, and if you like the video please spread the word!

Micah Curtis

Micah is a man returning to the fold of video game journalism after a bit of time away. He's a conservative with a passion for business, and a love for the art of video games. Micah has been gaming since the NES, and knows a bit more about art than he probably should........

  • Dr_Zox

    Curious Micah, What was it about DA2 that you liked over Origins? (I myself liked origins more, however some parts of DA2 were better)

  • Ben Jeanotte

    Wow, cool video, and I am a person that scoffs at video-game videos 99% of the time, I’d just rather read something. You narrated very well and explained yourself very well. I didn’t feel like I was being bombarded by some loudmouth dude-bros video-opinion. Before I watched this video, I came preloaded with a negative bias against Gods Will Be Watching, and Alien isolation, but after watching your video, I think I will pick them up and give them a try.

  • I liked the characterization a lot more, not to mention I liked that the game took itself more seriously. It was a barebones dark fantasy story, whereas Origins felt like Dark Fantasy as written by Joss Whedon. I felt like the characters should have been giving aside glances half the time, and I don’t like that in a dark story.

  • Dr_Zox

    hmmm… How did you feel about


    The fact that every mage in DA2 was evil? there was never a good mage and they all turned into Blood Mages as the paladins predicted, and whenever you helped the mages they then turned evil

    This annoyed me a little

    *Spoiler ends