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If you count yourself among those on the economic left, the socially liberal or politically progressive, than the last three months have been little more than a series of failures by our side to account for the fringe idiots ultimately responsible for the opposition to GamerGate. These identity-obsessed individuals have damaged the standing of liberals in the gaming community to such an extent that the longer GamerGate continues only serves to solidify the slide of gamers away from our side.

Gamers as a collective are extraordinarily dedicated to their passions and had the left-leaning gaming journalists not circled the wagons to protect a bunch of fascists masquerading as feminists those of us on the left could have found more acceptance by a demographic of hard-line civil libertarians. To the gaming press at large I ask: are you happy with the damage that you have caused? Your sneering tone and absolutist mentality have damaged the credibility of leftist politics in the community that you claim to be a part of. Or should I say the community that you once considered yourself a part of? When so-called professionals lump all members of a community into a single group and for years demonize them as misogynist, bible-thumping conservatives while still claiming to be the shining champions of all e-victims it becomes rather stale to those of us that have never harassed a single person online or in everyday life. For a group claiming to be so educated in political affairs it is astounding to those of us actually majoring the field how monumentally stupid and counterproductive the gaming press seems to be.

As I read through the articles featured on the New York Times and Washington Post regarding GamerGate I realized that conventional wisdom has set in. This is it, the war deciding the narrative of GamerGate is for all intents and purposes over. When the largest journalistic publications in the world reverb one another and side with the unsubstantiated opinions of those being accused of corruption the battle for image is decided. The multi-decade old stereotype of gamers being pudgy, disheveled white dudes lurking in a dreary cellar, angrily typing and fueled by a mental disorder has resurfaced in such an unprecedented fashion. We lost and will continue to lose until we are able to have a genuine body of journalists that place the truth over the feelings of their friends. How some of these neurotic liars and shrill mouth breathers manage to retain such a large swath of friends despite their ugly, repulsive personalities is confounding.

GamerGate gore vidal william buckley

When those outside the gaming community look at the cultural combat of GamerGate they focus on the issue of feminism taking root in the industry. If we give these outsiders the benefit of the doubt they are partially correct, many within the GamerGate movement are opposed to the exact same type of feminism that has infected more traditional leftist politics and the freethinking atheist community. What these figures do not understand is that many atheists, economic leftists, libertarians and gamers are predominantly hard-line civil libertarians. For those of you that associate with the more American defined liberal end of the political spectrum I can guarantee that the lack of concern by those claiming to champion inclusiveness in hearing us out is unquestionably depressing. I am not the first writer on TechRaptor to lament how isolating it feels to be abandoned by those claiming to be liberal. At what point did the left embrace exclusion as a perfectly acceptable means to retain a single perspective on an issue? Asking someone like myself to embrace what is transparently groupthink encouraged by so many authoritarian know-nothings is a tall order. How are we suppose to respect a position that is so steeped in dogma that it can barely describe the alleged offenses of the opposition?

In my previous editorial article one of the basic questions I asked was in regards to the efficacy of these pseudo-feminists and their sympathizers in the gaming press. An impacting realization that occurred to me later was that there is no efficacy to their side as there are no tangible problems to solve. Part of my misunderstanding was the assumption that there was a meaningful basis to oppose GamerGate. After months of listening and reading opposing viewpoints it boils down to not using language that these fanatics find reprehensible. Despite not ever using such language I still have to disagree as such speech is allowed. There is nothing preventing dumb people from saying dumb things on the internet and I would have it no other way. I have not seen the rampant sexist discussion that these lunatics claim exists throughout GamerGate. From what I am to understand these feminists believe that I am controlled by “the patriarchy”. They believe that the reason I sympathize more with those participating in GamerGate instead of those opposed to it is my entrapped mind under the sexist direction of the patriarchy. These cultists can refer to the devil in any form they like but there is as much supporting evidence to prove the existence of Satan as there is the concept of patriarchy. Calling it fanciful is an understatement as it is a nonsensical proposition, an insulting and blatantly misanthropic claim. To consider that every man regardless of who they are, how they were raised or what they believe has a worldview that involves the deliberate mistreatment of women is beyond conspiratorial.

This current strand of feminism (call it the totality of third wave or a splinter faction of social justice cultists) is unequivocally and artificially working its way into the gaming industry for the express purposes of changing it. The intended goals of these so-called “progressives” are to combat allegations of sexism within the industry and video games as a whole. A question that I have to some of these social justice fanatics is: where are you on imported Japanese titles? By that I don’t mean senselessly slut shaming Bayonetta but rather full blown eroge games. There are games in which men (or in some cases women) can molest and even rape young girls! How horrifying is that? Who cares about Grand Theft Auto V when there is a tsunami of Japanese porn games floating around online? How is it possible that the social justice patrol missed this entire genre of icky sex games? I have to assume they are unaware of these titles as RapeLay is far from the only Japanese sex game to come stateside. Where is the outrage over the litany of other similar titles? If someone has a genuine answer to my quandaries I am very curious to hear their opinion on the matter as I only left with the assumption that these fools do not target eroge games because they have never heard of them. Despite being controversial by the very nature of the content within the games the genre is not known to those outside of the hardcore gaming community. It is rather hard for non-gamers to know about more niche genres.

GamerGate Iran Propaganda

To those of us that do not want contrived art it is unacceptable to threaten developers with meeting a personal standard. The beginning of where those opposed to GamerGate begin to turn from “love and compassion”, a concept that YouTuber Sargon of Akkad singled out as amusingly false, is being largely unwilling to accept that games are not bound to reflect their ideology. To those of us that value individualism and the autonomy of the developer over the idea of perceptions of justice within a fictional product it feels entirely unprincipled. This identity fanaticism is out of control, flagrantly authoritarian and comes across as a group of individuals that believe that all titles must meet a personal checklist of criteria before being acceptable to release. Two women can speak to one another, pass the Bechdel test with flying colors along with all of the other arbitrary nonsense created in a freshman year gender studies course but still not be fun for the player. That is the most important factor of gaming: fun. That does not mean every game has to be ego stroking or superficial but it does empathize players enjoy the experience and not simply the message. This is a dangerous road being travelled at the moment as while gamers disagree on which genres are better or worse no one argues that fun is not the key thing uniting the community.

I do not intend for this to be some prefabricated straw man to beat up but I am trying, desperately to understand the nonsensical beliefs of the other side. How many gamers have ever harmed another person in any way? If you asked the gaming press you would think the drug cartels and gangs of America are composed exclusively of our community. The corrupt press counts themselves as hapless victims and GamerGate as a terrorist cell. How do you have a dialogue with individuals so lost in their own deluded victimhood that they liken themselves to the selfless journalists that flew to the worst parts of the world only to be beheaded by religious fundamentalists? For those that fancy themselves an intellectual fence sitter, above it all and oh-so-very moderate, it has been made perfectly clear that the mainstream of the opposition considers you as bad as anyone else involved. To well-intentioned centrists compromise is falling from the sky but I see nothing offered but making concessions made to those that do not recognize me as a person, an individual, let alone as an equal. Even if I were to create a Tumblr account, label my pronouns and declare myself a victim following my recent doxxing I highly doubt it would mean much to the writers making their living off self-aggrandizing articles.

One thing I have learned from this debacle is that there is no body of individuals so gluttonous for punishment, no larger party of masochists than the gaming community. Every self-identified member of GamerGate needs to understand that the opposition is not well-intentioned or misinformed. From the very beginning they have held the position that you, the gaming community, disgust them. Do you not understand that? They hate you. They have and will always hate you because you are an easy target. The only solution to all of this is uplifting the sources that do not bend to meet the insane standards set by these identity fanatics. The singular long-term goal of GamerGate should be to take on the media that continues to attack them until they stop. Consumers have the ability to decide which media source has their interests in mind and all it requires is their returned loyalty. TechRaptor from the very beginning has been pushing back against the idiots destroying our industry and dividing our community. The members of GamerGate should respond in turn and help this website in every way possible overtake the others as they will never change. There is no “fixing” those sites. The only option is to build a new media paradigm and TechRaptor, with your support, could be at the front of it.

Thomas Nelson

Born in Niagara Falls, the northeast edge of the rust belt, amateur author and audiophile Thomas Nelson has exhausted almost two decades as an elitist PC gamer. His interests include history, ideology, philosophy, politics and spending an obscene amount of time staring at a computer screen. He has a degree in broadcasting and is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree at Buffalo State University in political science. Thomas is currently writing for TechRaptor, a video game and tech publication.