Toadman Interactive recently announced Immortal: Unchained, a third-person RPG shooter set in a futuristic fantasy world with gameplay mechanics inspired by the Souls-like genre. On the PlayStation Blog, Game Designer Sebastian Thorwaldsson detailed Immortal: Unchained’s Souls-like mechanics and what sets it apart from other games in the genre.

Players take the role of someone awoken from an eternal prison tasked with fighting to the center of nine worlds to save the Cosmos. The player character is protected by a Monolith that gives him powers to resurrect upon death, however, similar to the Souls-like games, collected materials will be lost upon death. Ultimately, Toadmann Interactive wants players to improve themselves by learning from their mistakes. “This cycle of defeat, pattern, recognition, and finally victory is what we believe to be one of the core pillars of the genre,” says Thorwaldsson.

Instead of wielding swords, Immortal: Unchained gives players a variety of weaponry, with the developers promising over 100 guns and unique weapons. A focus on mobility, attacking direction, and well-timed dodges are essential for one’s survival. “This isn’t an easy game,” says Thorwaldsson.

Enemy types also seem to be varied. Not only will players engage in mid-range combat against gun-wielding foes, they will also fight in close combat against huge enemies with deadly melee weapons. Also shown in the game’s reveal trailer is a sword and shield-wielding foe that can leap into the air to strike the protagonist.

Aside from collecting gear and weapons to strengthen oneself, Dark Souls series’s labyrinth-like interconnected levels also seem to be present in Immortal: Unchained. “All words are connected via a complex network known as the Stream,” says Thorwaldsson.

Immortal: Unchained is scheduled for a 2018 release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The story is penned by an experienced writing team consisting of Anne Toole (The Witcher) and Adrian Vershinin (Killzone: Shadow Fall, Battlefield 1).

What do you think about the emergence of more Souls-like games? What do you think makes a game ‘Souls-like’?Are you interested in Immortal: Unchained? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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