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Get ready to face the armies of Cia again!

In a video put on Youtube that has since gone private, a 3DS port of the Wii U game Hyrule Warriors has been revealed. A mirror of the video can be seen here.

The video showcases the first gameplay footage of the game, using the bottom screen as a map display while the game plays out on the top screen. All characters and features appear to be successfully ported over, in addition to featuring two new characters: Tetra and the King of Hyrule. Both of whom hail from the GameCube and Wii U series entry, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. Both characters can seemingly be transferred back to the Wii U edition of the player owns both games. A new feature shown in the video also reveals the ability to switch between characters in real time, allowing the player to control multiple heroes throughout the battlefield.

Likely intended to be announced at E3, no official announcement has yet been made by Nintendo and the release window is unknown. Judging from the video, the 3DS edition of the game does not appear to be exclusive to Nintendo’s New 3DS version of the console. And while few details are known about the port, the crowds of enemies shown in the video appear to be considerably smaller than those seen on the Wii U.

Released in 2014 and developed by a Omega Force and Team Ninja, and published by Nintendo in the west, Hyrule Warriors took The Legend of Zelda franchise and married it with gameplay styled after the Dynasty Warriors series of games. In it, players can choose from a variety of characters from the Zelda series to fight on large battlefields against vast hordes of enemies using a numbers of iconic attacks and items pulled from different entries of the series.

  • Audie Bakerson

    I do love when titles nobody cares about leak before their E3 announcements. It allows me to laugh at any fool who believed mass leaks that have never happened in E3 history BEFORE E3 starts.

  • Niwjere

    Of all the games that did not need a port due to sheer mediocrity, this one takes the cake. Yet another step taken by Nintendo in the general direction of Re-release Everything Until People Are Sick of It.

  • Kyle Francoeur

    I hope this isn’t a New 3DS exclusive. It’s bad enough that certain 3rd party games require it, and that Smash is nigh-unplayable with the original model.

  • I’m actually really ecstatic for this port, whether it comes out for the regular 3DS or new 3DS. I played Hyrule Warriors to death, and being able to play it on the go sounds like a dream come true, even if I have to effectively start all over on the 3DS port.

    It might not point to such, but I really hope this means we’d see more Hyrule Warriors games in the future. Obviously they’d need a different approach than “Childhood Nostalgia: Dynasty Warriors Style” since they pushed that to the extremes for this one, but I’d really like to see more Warriors-like games for LoZ. An original story that stands on its own and has even more Zelda elements, or an alternative-reality take on a prior Zelda title with a large-scale-war focus (though I can’t think of one off-hand that’d fit with that sort of take), would be pretty sweet, especially if we get Lana, Volga, and so on coming back in the original story.