The people who bring you Humble Bundle, have just announced The Humble Store, with a debut sale to celebrate its launch.

Today’s deals are as follows:

Don’t Starve $7.49 (A great survival game, requiring strategy and planning to survive deserted all alone)

Prison Architect $14.99 (A game currently receiving great reviews and did really well in the Summer sale)

Rogue Legacy $7.49

Euro Truck Simulator 2 $6.25 (Because who doesn’t want to be a truck driver)

Natural Selection 2 $6.25

The Swapper $4.99

Chivalry $6.25 (A fun 1st person sword fighting game, you get to play a Knight!)

Orcs Must Die 2 $6.25 (A great cooperative follow up to the original laugh out loud 3rd person tower defense game)

Gunpoint $4.99

Expect a follow on post for tomorrows game deals, especially if they are as good as today’s.




Unlike the Humble Bundles, you have no control over who gets what money wise, but here is the breakdown “: 10% Charity, 75% Creator, 15% Humble Tip”, this is a little annoying for those of us who like me give 100% to either charity or the developers, but I would guess this was done for sound business reasons, as the developer is unlikely to provide a great deal if it can potentially receive $0 like with Humble Bundles.

The sale current states Day One, with more sales tomorrow, so hopefully we can expect some more great discounts tomorrow and maybe further.

The store has a look and feel to it very reminiscent of Valve’s Steam Store, and the sale itself looks almost identical (bar maybe font) to that of the Steam Summer Sale. Potentially just a coincidence, but maybe some cooperation between Humble and Valve is present? Baring in mine that all games are installed via Steam.

I really hope that Humble sees success via this store, and that the Humble Bundles themselves also stay strong, and that Humble can continue providing its usual charity drive while also providing the consumers great deals.

Corwin Bex

A dedicated PC gamer, I write investigative articles about all things gaming, the juicier and harder to find the details are, the more likely I will seek them. I hope to expand the knowledge of the average gamer to understand the industry and its practices more. I currently play WoW, various RPG and strategy games, you can catch me on Steam under CozzyB

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