The Hitman games are getting a Hulu series headed up by the creator of the John Wick movies as reported by Deadspin.

Hitman is a franchise of games that center around the elusive Agent 47, a mysterious assassin with an ability to get the most difficult jobs done. The series has six core games stretching back to 2000’s Hitman: Codename 47. While the games have not necessarily maintained the same level of quality across the board, they’ve generally focused on players assassinating targets with a lot of freedom in their choices of methodology. Running and gunning is very much an option in this particular video game universe, but clever players can approach their targets with a variety of different techniques.

The game series was adapted to film twice, first in 2007’s Hitman and later in 2015’s Hitman: Agent 47. The movies featured assassinations in their plot, but the overarching story had more of a focus on unraveling a grand conspiracy and keeping the right people alive. Suffice to say, the mission-based narrative of the games might fare better in the television format and now it seems that it will get its day in the limelight.

Derek Kolstad, the man who wrote the script for the first and upcoming third John Wick films, will be putting his proverbial pen to paper for the series’ pilot. He will remain on board as an executive producer for the course of the show. There’s isn’t yet any clue as to how long the series will be or how it will balance the action versus the stealth aspects of the games, but with the man behind John Wick heading things up, it’s sure to be a sight to see.

What do you think of Hulu greenlighting a Hitman series led by John Wick creator Derek Kolstad? How do you think the series will compare to the two movies released so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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