The first episode of Hitman, the sixth entry into the popular stealth video game series, came out March 11th with promise of future episodes only one month apart. While it slips a little behind one month, it has been confirmed that Hitman’s second episode, The World of Tomorrow, will be releasing Tuesday April 26th.

This episode’s main focus will be adding in a new story mission that takes place in Sapienza, Italy, but that won’t be all that is included. There will be 10 new opportunities, 20 mastery levels, new challenges, achievements, clothing, and the second part of The Sarajevo Six PlayStation exclusive missions. There will also be new content added slowly until episode 3 is out, similar to what they did with the first episode. Developer IO Interactive has also included some general across-the-board improvements with the second episode, including adding in native ambient audio, more options to blend while wearing the default suit, and and updating the opportunity system to make it easier to know when you can use opportunities and making it more clear when you fail one.

There is also a “pre-release” update coming before episode 2, with this update already being available on PC and coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Monday. The biggest things being added is the ability to reconnect if you lose your internet connection while playing online. Instead of being booted to the main menu, you’ll now be given the option to reconnect to your game and continue from where you lost internet. Other changes include challenges being saved immediately upon completion rather than having to finish the mission first, load times have been given a 50% reduction, new animations, being able to reduce or even remove some of the HUD, and a couple of other improvements.

The World of Tomorrow will be available Tuesday April 26th on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One for $9.99. You can also buy all six episodes at once for $60. To find out more about it, see our coverage of the first episode.

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