Blizzard Entertainment’s MOBA Heroes of the Storm has announced Ana and Junkrat are being added to the roster, and a new map called Volskaya Foundry has been released as well according to the game’s official Twitter.

Ana Amari and Jamison “Junkrat” Fawkes will be the two latest additions to the roster of characters in Heroes of the Storm. The two new characters and the new map hail from the Overwatch universe. Specifics on the heroes abilities have not yet been released, although short descriptions have been provided: Ana is listed as “A versatile Support who helped found the world-protecting team of heroes known as Overwatch.” and Junkrat is stated to be “An unpredictable Assassin and general miscreant who lives to cause chaos and destruction.” A trailer was released that showcases some of the map’s features as well as cinematics of the new heroes from the Overwatch universe in action:

As for the map, Volskaya Foundry is themed around Volskaya Industries, a Russian-based company in the Overwatch universe that produces gigantic mechs to combat the Omnic threat. The map will feature three separate control points which can be captured in a mechanic similar to Control maps in the first-person shooter. Capturing the point will activate a pilotable mech that can be controlled by one of your team, and for the first time in Heroes of the Storm, a second player can hop on board in the gunner position to do additional damage. A map overview video has also been released which shows more details of the map and explains its mechanics:

Aside from the control points and multi-story mechs, Volskaya Foundry features a number of conveyor belts as one of its hazards. These conveyors surround the control points where players will be trying to activate one of the mechs as well as other areas of the map.

A handful of new skins and sprays have been announced alongside the new heroes and map including Shrike Ana (which is more or less one of her skins in Overwatch) and Commandant Varian. A Pachimari Mania quest will also be available where players will have the opportunity to earn a Pachimari portrait, banner, spray, and emojis by opening Pachimari boxes before the beginning of the match in a hunt for the elusive golden Pachimari.

If you’re curious about when you’ll be able to get your hands on some of these new toys, the Heroes Twitter has stated that a public test realm will be going up sometime on Monday, September 18, 2017:

If you’d like to see some of the lovely new skins, emotes, and other fluff that’s on its way you can head on over to the map page on the game’s official website.

What do you think of Ana and Junkrat being added to Heroes of the Storm? Do you think the Volskaya Foundry map looks like it will be fun to play? Which character from Blizzard’s games would you like to see added next? Let us know in the comments below!

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