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BlizzCon has just revealed a plethora of information for Heroes of the Storm, including one specific hero that is bound to raise some eyebrows.

That hero is Cho’Gall, the two-headed ogre from Blizzard Entertainment’s WarCraft series, which has two people controlling the character in-game.

Cho’Gall is also not available to buy via the shop; he will be given as a gift for those attending BlizzCon ’15, as well as for those who buy (or have already bought) the BlizzCon virtual ticket. A few random players will also receive the hero.

For those who do not fall in the above categories, players will also be able to ‘earn’ the hero in two separate ways.

For the first choice, players will have to play with Cho’Gall owners in two separate games, with the BlizzCon presenters specifically stating that it was a ‘BlizzCon Virus’ that they wanted people to ‘spread’ to other players. The second option was a sequence of ‘quests’ that players can go on, if you do not know anyone who already has Cho’Gall. There is also a ‘ninja’ Cho’Gall skin that players will no doubt be eager to try. They won’t have to wait too long, as the new character will be released later this month.

Regarding other Heroes of the Storm news, there is a new map that is called Tower of Doom, a map where the opposing sides do not attack each others’ bases in traditional MOBA fashion, but instead the map has the teams trying conquer and control a town that makes up the map.

The two other heroes that were announced include Lunara, a ranged mobile hero, and Greymane, a human who can transform into a werewolf.

A new game mode called Arena was also announced, whereupon players will have to choose from three random heroes as the two teams will fight for control of the aforementioned arena.

What do you think of the new Heroes of the Storm news? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Azure

    Disappointed with Lunara, was hoping for a more cheerful sounding character like the usual dryads, but nope another serious sounding character joins the field.

    Cho’gall’s design sounds so bad. He’ll either be ridiculously overpowered or too gimmicky to play, if he is too powerful and gets nerfed then he will not be viable at all, he’ll be in total flux for balancing when people get good with him or not.

  • Farwin

    Cho’gall is just so… “what?” I hope this doesn’t mean that HotS is turning into Hearthstone and be full of gimmicks.

    Although, I do have to give Blizzard credit: They’re releasing new maps and heroes, rather than just making new skins.