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I remember the first time I played the playable teaser for what was going to to be Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills game he was working on with master director Guillermo del Torro and ‘The Walking Dead‘ star Norman Reedus. It was a horrifying experience that was both a masterclass in suspense and abject horror, as well as an amazing technical achievement from both a graphical and a sound design standpoint. Now, I’m a coward of the highest degree when it comes to horror games so I was more than happy to delete P.T. from my PlayStation 4 and never download it again, but a lot of people were saddened by the game being pulled from the servers after the Konami debacle that led to Kojima leaving the company. It seemed like it would never be possible to redownload the teaser to relive the creepiness, but it seems like there still is a way to get it back!

This method was found out by the people over at Wololo, and it goes as follows: 

On Windows PC:
1. Download SUWI
2. Run Suwi R20110308.exe and check all options.
3. Download this
4. Open the zip file and run “Check IP.bat” to see your proxy IP address.

On PS4:
1. Go to NETWORK settings > Set up Internet Connection -> use LAN/WiFi > Custom > Automatic > Do not specify > Automatic > Automatic.
2. Now you are on PROXY screen, choose USE and type your proxy IP address with PORT 808.
3. Complete the network setting.

Download P.T. (Silent Hills) on PS4:
1. Go to DOWNLOAD notification.
2. If P.T. download error was there, press OPTIONS then DELETE (if its not there, you are OK).
3. Go to LIBRARY.
4. Choose P.T.

For all the technical details that are explained far better than I ever could, you can check out the original post’s page!

All in all, this is a win for players who will want to preserve a pretty noteworthy part of gaming history or for those who never got to play the game in the first place! 

Chris Anderson

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I've been playing games since I was just barely able to walk, and I never really stopped playing them. When I'm not fulfilling my duties as senior staff writer and tech reviewer, I'm either working on music, producing one of two podcasts or doing freelance work.

  • NorBdelta

    Oh yes! Time to give it a go! It looked terrifying when they showcased it

  • something really critical about this that wasn’t mentioned here – you need to have already had PT on your account for this to work

  • d0x360

    Thankfully I never deleted my copy. Honestly I haven’t booted my ps4 in months but I just might today so I can run through PT again. Last time I played on a 7.1 system but I recently upgraded to an atmos receiver and even if something isn’t specifically atmos it can fake it at a very convincing level likely due to the way 7.1 was designed.

  • the7k

    I added PT to my download list through the PC Sony Store long before I got a PS4. Thought it would be sitting there taunting me with “Could not download” every time I’d log on to the PS4 since getting it. Great to finally play it after all this time.

  • I didn’t acquire PT before it was pulled and I’m pissed about that. I used an older method to get the demo on my PS4 but it just has a giant lock over it because my account doesn’t ‘own’ it. Hell I’d pay money to unlock it, God damn you Konami.

  • Daniel Seapoint

    can someone pleeeeease re-upload that application?? it´s down on mediafire 🙁 THX