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Hello Games have finally broken their silence regarding No Man’s Sky.

In an announcement on Steam, Hello Games have stated that the team will be releasing an update to No Man’s Sky, titled the Foundation Update.

The update will lay the groundwork for the first major addition to the game, base building, as well as more gameplay changes for future updates.

The last patch released for the game, on September 24th, has lead to massive improvements in the game’s overall technical performance. Since then, Hello Games has been working hard on the Foundation Update. The team admits it will not be their biggest update for the game, but “the start of something” for the future.

Hello Games also addresses some of the controversy surrounding No Man’s Sky in their post.

“The discussion around No Man’s Sky since release has been intense and dramatic. We have been quiet, but we are listening and focusing on improving the game that our team loves and feels so passionately about. Positive or negative feedback, you have been heard and that will truly help to make this a better game for everyone. “

No Man’s Sky has been controversial since it’s launch, first due to the game’s myriad of bugs and PC performance issues, but has now become a major point of contention for its marketing. Many consumers have argued that a number of promised features for No Man’s Sky have been unfulfilled, leading to stagnant PC sales and massive criticism over the game’s content. This has spurred an investigation in No Man’s Sky advertising by the U.K-based Advertising Standard Authority. It also led to the Game Award’s Geoff Keighly re-evaluate how they will show projects on their show, and may be part of the reason for the change in policy at Steam for actual in-game screenshots and the screenshot focus of the new Steam update.

Quick Take

I fully admit I am probably one of the few people who enjoyed No Man’s Sky a lot, so much so I gave it a positive review overall for what it had. The silence from Hello Games has been a major point of contention, right down to the really off-putting rumors and even a hack of their twitter account a few weeks back that just spurred more negative discussion in the end.

For me, this is a good update personally. Hello Games is not giving up on No Man’s Sky yet, and considering it took them five years to even get to this point, I doubt they will just let the game die so easily at this point. Hopefully, the Foundation Update leads to some much-needed relief for the remainder of players who are playing, and the first step to building some goodwill for those who felt disappointed by the overall project. 

What do you think, though? What updates would need to happen to redeem No Man’s Sky in your mind with the issues surrounding its launch? Is that possible? Leave your comments below. 

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Robert Grosso

Staff Writer

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  • vonSanneck

    This silence did no good for anyone. Just stating in the beginning of October that they are working on a patch for the end of November would not have festered resentment and frustration for everyone invested in this topic.

  • Marisa

    They still have the old screenshots on the steam page. I wonder how long until they get into trouble for this because of the new steam regulations.

  • Valen

    Unless the “Base Building” means that you can make large ships to fly into a system and then take your smaller ship down to the planets… what’s the point? It will either A. Be lost because you keep moving like the game intends or B. Limit you immensely in where you want to travel so you don’t lose it…

  • Robert Grosso

    I do agree with that, at least.

    Hopefully they can move on from it now though.

  • Clayton Weaver

    The damage may already be done. They promised the world and delivered the dumpster. Now they are going to be stuck trying to fulfill the broken promises leading up to launch and gamers are going to be watching like a hawk to see what they still leave out. I was interested in the game, but once I found it failed to deliver what it claimed, I didn’t waste any money on it. It will take a huge sell or a drastic update to consider giving this game a second look now.

  • Heresy Hammer

    “Controversial” there is nothing controversial about this game, its fucking shit end of story.

  • It’s something we’ll just have to see about, though I certainly hope they’ll make it enjoyable (again).

  • Cazamus

    I think the title of the article is off, it should read: Hello Games decides to leave early access.
    *Great article btw Robert, if you see this.

  • mrwizeass

    Too little, too late. The game has already suffered a massive amount of negative publicity. Unless each purchase now comes with a blowjob from a porn star, I don’t see anything saving this dumpster fire.

  • ParasiteX

    More overhyped broken promises? Oh yoy! Better get some extra buckets to collect all the fanboy tears bound to flow.

  • ParasiteX

    They are calling it the Foundation Update…. Hence it’s still just expanding on the basic foundations. And will still remain a mostly empty and lifeless foundation with little to no actual content built on top of it.. So you can definitely keep calling this a $/€60 Early Access game for quite a bit longer..

  • Kev Lew

    with luck they will be the poster child for “how not to do it, or else”. That said I never bought into the hype and simply watched the card crash in slow motion.


    I understand that there are people who like No Mans Sky. I fully understand that, because there are a lot of people out there that like their games uncomplicated by story and visuals or even sound. Even speedrunners who prefer games with as little story, cutscenes, and dialogue as possible because its less they have to skip or find ways to skip. To those kinds of people, that are game mechanics only, No Mans Sky is decent or even good. I know one guy that spent years playing nothing but Cookie Clicker for hours, even days at a time. My former guild leader (fc) in Final Fantasy 14 AAR, skips all the cutscenes, and dialogue, and he couldn’t tell you what the story was or why he was doing anything. He just skipped the entire thing to rush directly to the end game gear grind. Running the same two dungeons over and over and over and over and over and over… and so it continues even today, with whatever the two top dungeons are for the latest drops or tokens to turn in for the next incremental gear upgrade. And then the next patch comes out, and there’s two new (hard)mode dungeons to run with the latest tomestone/token whatever to gather. And so it continues forever. The game doesn’t matter, the graphics doesn’t matter, the story doesn’t matter, it could be a text adventure game for all it matters to them. Its Pavlov’s Dog the game for these people. In fact, No Mans Sky is probably a god send to these people, because the completely meaningless pointless roguelike changing scenery to do the same tasks over and over again is most likely the answer to the ones that keep complaining about wanting a change of background in whatever repetitive task they’re doing.

  • Nope Naw

    Does anyone honestly care anymore?

  • Robert Grosso

    They kind of already are…for better or for worse.