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The first phase of the Android launch has begun, with the rest of the world receiving Blizzard’s hit title ‘soon’.

wow-ptr-5-4-hearthstone-board-1 Hearthstone released on Android tablets

Nearly 8 months to the day of Hearthstone’s release on the iPad, Hearthstone has finally been released on Android Tablets, with Canada, New Zealand and Australia the first countries to get Hearthstone on Android.

Blizzard promises that in the ‘coming days’ Hearthstone will be available worldwide on Android, with the game available both on the Google Play store and on Amazon’s Appstore.

To tempt people to download the mobile application of Hearthstone, Blizzard is offering a free pack of cards. However to get your free pack of cards, Blizzard states that:

… All you need to do to redeem your free pack of cards is play a game of Hearthstone in any mode on your Android tablet, and BAM, you’ll be busting open a new pack in no time. Win or lose, you’ll earn your free card pack just by enjoying a game of Hearthstone in Play, Arena, or Practice mode.

Seems relatively simple. Blizzard also promises that all progress is ‘across devices’ so there is no need to make a new account. Just sign in and you should be good to go.

Blizzard also warns its users to check and see if their tablets fulfill the minimum requirements. The requirements are relatively modest, and a few screenshots of the page have been posted below.

pXUDkHd Hearthstone released on Android tablets


LBdx2W2 Hearthstone released on Android tablets

Blizzard also promises that there will be news for phones next year.

Stay tuned to TechRaptor for more details.

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