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Hairbrained Schemes has had a pretty decent run since the relatively okay release of Shadowrun Returns: Dead Man’s Switch and the even better Dragonfall. For a company with no real track record, they have done pretty good out of that one Kickstarter and the September release of the Dragonfall as a separate campaign was meant to appeal to those who found the basic Dead Man’s Switch one to not be challenging or particularly engaging.

Last week news started coming out about their next project – Necropolis. A third person action rogue-like, Necropolis invites you to dive to the depths of it to reach the tomb of Archmage Abraxis and gain his secrets. In a combat system based around timing and animation, it offers a different experience then many rogue-like games, featuring a mixture of attacks that rely on the player to know what is going on.

While that is interesting, the bigger news to come out is that Hairbrained Schemes is looking for “a talented Lead Artist to guide art production on our next Shadowrun campaign!” For those who were fans of Shadowrun Returns, and think especially in the wake of the improvements to Dragonfall better might come this is huge news given that in the past Hairbrained Schemes has been non-committal at best about whether there would be another campaign.

The post has been up since October 8th, which is after Dragonfall was well done so it’s not referring to that. They are talking about a 6 month project (minimum) assuming it gets off the ground, and that means it almost certainly is going to be another Shadowrun Returns campaign rather than a fresh engine with Shadowrun. That sadly does mean that some of the limitations of the engine will remain, but Dragonfall showed that Hairbrained Schemes had learnt to work with the engine and create more compelling, dynamic stories with it as well as more complex combat encounters.

With the success of Shadowrun Returns and it seems the greater critical success of Dragonfall that another campaign makes perfect sense to bring to both the PC and iPad.

What would you like to see in another campaign? Where would you think it should be set? What improvements could be made to their engine to make modding better?

You can buy Shadowrun Returns and the Dragonfall Director’s cut at Greenman Gaming.

Don Parsons

News Editor

I've been a gamer for years of various types starting with the Sega Genesis and Shining Force when I was young. If I'm not playing video games, I'm often roleplaying, reading, writing, or pondering things brought up by speculative fiction.

  • AnarKreig

    Delving into the tomb of an old mage for glory and treasure is starting to get old, isn’t it? Gauntlet, Abyss Odyssey and etc.

  • bdp

    Hell yes more shadowun campaigns. I definitely want to see one in China or Japan and see what things are like over there or one of the other locations hinted at to have things going on in Dragonfall.

  • Zanard Bell

    Maybe it’s just me, but I felt Shadowrun was a bit linear. If they could work on that (like opening a few branches of plot or at least make me genuinely check every nook and cranny for secrets/loot), that will be awesome.

  • Pablo Hernández

    I had very high expectations for Shadowrun but in the end I didn’t even finish it.
    Like Zanard says I think it was too linear, something with a map system like Baldur’s Gate would have made the game 300% better.

    Also I found the game to be too easy, I started on the hardest difficulty and none of my characters were ever ko’ed till the point I reached in the game.

    It’s not like the game is bad (the dialogues, combat system scenarios and music were great) but it could have been better had it been more ambitious.

    Necropolis looks interesting, will be looking forward to more info on it

  • Sebastian Mikulec

    I’d definitely be down for a campaign set in Asia somewhere. I thought Dragonfall was a big step in the right direction, shoring up many of the original Shadowrun Returns campaign’s weaknesses (namely, giving you a crew you could get to know, and making the game less linear). I’d like to see them continue down that path. I’d very much like to see larger areas with more off the beaten path stuff to do and more missions that don’t necessarily require combat.

  • coboney

    Deadman Switch in particular was very linear. Dragonfall seemed to improve on basically everything in DMS and they seemed to be listening to critiques

  • Kadayi

    Good to hear. I’m all for more shadowrun. Dragonfall was a huge improvement on Deadmans Switch, so I’m fairly confident they can only improve with another title. A degee more volume in terms of the hubs wouldn’t go amiss as well as a lot more side missions.

    I’ve not had the time to check out the updated version of Dragonfall quite yet, but my only real quibble with that was the variability in the quality of the character portraits with some looking great, and others looking like downright godawful. Hopefully they’ll be able to deliver some consistency in the game art going forward.

  • Kadayi

    Did you only play the dead mans switch campaign? Its worth checking out Dragonfall tbh.

  • Pablo Hernández

    Yeah, I only played the first campaign.