October is here, and that means big games and big news. Our friends and perpetual giveaway partners at Hi-Rez have big news to share, as today marks the first day for Hand of the Gods‘ Console Beta! Players who are already subscribed to Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus will be able to access the beta from their console of choice’s digital storefront and start off right with several in-game items and 5 free card packs to kickstart their deck building.


We also want to help players with their decks, which is why we convinced Hi-Rez to grant us a boatload of codes that players can redeem for a Legendary Mayan God Camazotz card. If you’re not familiar, he’s the big demon looking dude in the image above that consumes zombies in order to get stronger. Scary.

Please Note: The code will ONLY work in the new console versions of the game, so complete a few social actions, load up your green or blue branded games machine, and get to the card slingin’.

Hand of the Gods Camazotz Console Giveaway

Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics Redemption Instructions

  1. Log into Hand of the Gods or create an account if you need to.
  2. Once in-game click Store then Redeem Code.
  3. Enter in the code to unlock your free Legendary God!

Giveaway Rules: No purchase necessary. Likes, Subscribes, and Follows count as one entry each, and tweeting is worth one entry once a day. In order to enter, an email must be entered. Email will not be used for anything but entrance into the giveaway. Winners will be contacted via the same entry that was used to win (Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/Email) using a random number generator to determine said winners. TechRaptor reserves the right to pull entries that are seen as exploitative (using multiple accounts, etc.) in order to give the best chances to all participants.

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