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Developer Daybreak has announced that their open-world game, H1Z1, will be split into two separate titles on February 17th each with their own development team.

The two new titles for the game will be H1Z1: King of the Kill, and H1Z1: Just Survive. King of the Kill is being developed into a large-scale multiplayer title, complete with new “fight-to-the-death” gameplay modes in addition to those that were already available in H1Z1, including the battle royale mode. H1Z1: Just Survive on the other hand will focus on the survival gameplay, focusing on scavenging, crafting and other mechanics suitable for a post-apocalyptic zombie game.

Both titles will have dedicated teams working on them as well, according to Daybreak. CPO Laura Naviaux noted that the year of early access on Steam has brought about two distinct communities enjoying H1Z1, and that their current plan to split the development team into two distinct titles will help foster a better focus on gameplay. According to Naviaux, “allowing these worlds to exist independently and grow in their own distinguished ways, we can better deliver on a consistent vision and clear roadmap for each game toward official release and beyond.”

The new versions of H1Z1 will both cost $19.99 each. Those who have already purchased the game through early access, or buy a copy of the game by February 16th, will be given both games for free when the split occurs. King of the Kill will leave early access this summer, and see a multi-platform release on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The new titles will also no longer be going free-to-play at this time on launch, something Daybreak was promising about the title since it began it’s early access period. There is no word if the in-game microtransaction system will also be revamped at this time, although both games will feature different tickets for players to purchase; notably Airdrop tickets will be only for Just Survive, and Event tickets only for King of the Kill

H1Z1 was launched as a Steam early access title in January of 2015, and has been met with mixed reception by Steam users. The game has been successful, however, with over 2.5 million downloads on Steam since 2015. 

So what do you think of this news? Is this a good idea by Daybreak or will this ruin H1Z1? Leave your comments below. 

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  • Azure

    There was no legitimate reason given to why they are splitting the game rather concerning, just because there are 2 ‘dedicated’ teams for each mode does not mean the game needs to split.

  • WhiteNut

    So, they’re gutting the content, and instead of lowering the price (which would be a reasonable thing to expect since we’re receiving a diminished experience) they keep it the same and are essentially charge double for the full game.

    I mean reasonably if they want to split the game in to two separate things then they need to come out and say, yeah we got tons of things going to be released and planning on releasing after the split, not some bs like this.

  • I have here an off-the-record statement from an expert on business:

    “Cha-ching!” -slot machine noises-

  • …why? Any other game would just split this into two game modes within a single title. This reeks of cash grab. =|

  • Nicki Ashley

    “Hey guys, see this grave we dug ourselves? Well I have a solution, let’s dig deeper!!!” – H1Z1 dev team, 2016

  • Dindu Nuffin

    A prelude to dropping the mode that doesn’t generate enough revenue.

    Calling it here.